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Facilities at Patanjali Yogpeeth, Haridwar

(i) Guest House/IPD
Facility of treatment and residence is also available in Indoor Patient Department (IPD) on the recommendation of Vaids. Facility of treatment and residence is also available to general public and honourable members in the guest house of Patanjali Yogpeeth. A small amount is charged for stay in the room, utilised for the maintenance and payment of electricity.

Rules for registration in Guest House / IPD:
(a) Rules for registration of residential facility for patients:
Any patient on the recommendation of Medical Officer / Vaidya can get registration of room for 10 days on payment of fee. If the patient needs to stay more, he can stay for 10 more days but the recommendation of Medical Officer / Vaidya will be needed again. Without recommendation of Medical Officer / Vaidya, registration for accomodation is not possible.

(b)Rules for registration of residential accomodation for the honourable members of Patanjali Yogpeeth: -

(1) All members - Apex members to ordinary members will be provided free accomodation for three days once in a year on preferential basis (first come, first serve).

(2) If any member wants to stay for more than three days, he may stay with the prior permission of competent authority on payment of fees.

(3) Apex, founder, patron and life members will be provided A.C. accomodation and dignified, respectable and general members will be provided Non-A.C. accomodation for three days.

(4) Special honourable and ordinary members will be provided Non-A.C. accomodation free of charge for three days on availability and preference. If they like A.C. accomodation they may convert it on extra payment.

(c) Rules of registration of accommodation in Patanjali Yogpeeth for visitors:
Visitors, excluding patients and honourable members may get registration of accommodation for 3 days on payment of the fees. If they want to stay for more than 3 days, they can do so on the permission of competent authority.

(d) Rules for visitors of Patanjali Yogpeeth:

(1) Patanjali Yogpeeth is world class centre of treatment and research on Yog and Ayurved. Maintain peace and decorum.

(2) Wait for your turn during consultation for patient and purchase of medicines and articles.

(3) Drinking alcohol, consuming gutkha (tobacco) and smoking is strictly prohibited in the campus. If anybody is found guilty, strict action will be taken against him. Action may be taken against him under IPC provisions for drinking and smoking in public places.

(4) Use dustbin to dispose of gargbage in the campus of Patanjali Yogpeeth.

(5) Patanjali Yogpeeth is yours, please cooperate us in keeping it clean and hygenic.

(6) Don't spoil doors, walls and signboards.

(7) Touching of plants and plucking of flowers is strictly prohibited.

(8) Keep your vehicles in the parking area.

(9) Check properly your medicines, articles and money before leaving the counter.

(10) You can be asked to leave the campus immediately if you violate the rules or harm the organisation in any way.

(11) Except emergency nobody can go out or enter the campus during their stay in Patanjali Yogpeeth.

(12) Every person staying in Patanjali Yogpeeth is compulsarily required to be present in Yog class and other spiritual activities.

(13) Arrangement of refreshment and meals is in Annapurna. You can eat the food carried by you in annapurna.

(14) Keep clean the towels, blankets, pillow covers & bed sheets etc. Keep bathroom neat and clean. Use electricity and water according to your need and don't waste them.

(15) Walk attentively on the granite floor, as you may slip.

(16) Don't hang wet clothes on walls & doors etc.

(17) During the stay in the campus, take an oath of developing your life spiritually through Yog, Pranayam, Yog Prayers and Satsang.

Note: - During the stay in Yogpeeth, payment for refreshment and meals will be at extra cost.

Other facilities present at Patanjali Yogpeeth, Haridwar:

(ii) Canteen - Variety of food items, snacks and sweets mostly made from pure desi ghee and organic food grains in a well equipped kitchen in hygenic conditions are served to visitors. Special menu for different category of patients is available.

(iii) Laundray - A big laundry equipped with most modern equipments has been arranged to manage washing and dryclean of linens within the campus.

(iv) ATM - PNB has setup an ATM in the campus for visitors for smooth withdrawl of cash. Facility of payment through debit and credit card is available in Patanjali Yogpeeth, Haridwar.

(v) Cyber Cafe - A cyber cafe situated within the premises operates for about 16 hours.

(vi) Tour Operator, Railway & Air Ticket Booking facility (vii) Parking, Utilities & Cloak room - Free facility for vehicle parking, utilities and cloak room are available.