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PhD (Astrology), M.Tech (CSE), IIT-Roorkee (1st Prize)

Sh. Amitabh Bachchan's Horoscope by Dr.A.S.Kalra

Powerful Testimonials of Dr.A.S.Kalra

Dr.A.S.Kalra (Ajit Singh Kalra, Son of Sardar Narinder Singh Kalra & Mrs. Swarn Kalra) is one of the best astrologers in India who was born in New Delhi but was brought up in Haridwar, an ancient and holy city of historical importance situated near Himalayas on the banks of the holy river Ganges, which is also quite close to the 'World Capital of Yoga', Rishikesh, India. Basically he is a resident of Shivalik Nagar, Haridwar who has relocated to Vaishali, Delhi NCR in 2011 on the request of many of his clients of Delhi & NCR (Noida, Gurgaon, Ghaziabad, Faridabad) that he developed in past many years. Prior to shifting to Delhi NCR he has worked successfully for many years as a Vedic Astrologer (Horoscope Reader) and as a Trainer of Astrology (Horoscope Reading) in Haridwar as well as in Rishikesh on a full time basis. He has dealt with many foreigner clients as well as many foreigner students in his career as an astrologer. His expertise lies in Predictive Astrology (or Phalit Jyotish) using the principles or concepts given by Sage Parashara in his book Laghu Parashari (comprising of of 42 Shlokas), while doing horoscope reading or horoscope analysis for providing astrological consultation to a client on various issues of life like: - education, career (job or business), professional growth, love life, marriage, married life, childbirth, financial condition, property, material assets, foreign tour and health issues and to estimate about the past tense, present tense and future tense of his/her life using the concept of Vinshottari Mahadasha-Antardasha given by Sage Parashara.

Dr. A.S. Kalra, Vedic Astrologer in India, is the first internationally acclaimed astrologer of India (after Bejan Daruwalla). He has been awarded first prize by the INDIAN INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY - Roorkee (IIT-Roorkee) in 46th 'All India Techno Exhibition' (Srishti '05), (4-6 March, 2005) held in and organized by IIT-Roorkee for developing a software for making Astronomical as well as Astrological Calculations & for generating Birth Charts & Horoscopes.   He has also worked as a columnist for the Delhi edition of the leading Indian English daily THE TIMES OF INDIA for a column entitled STARSPEAK related to providing Astrological Consultation to its readers by reading their horoscopes in THE TIMES OF INDIA's DOON PLUS supplement which used to circulate bi-weekly in Dehradun & adjoining cities.   He frequently visits one of the world's top destination spa ANANDA SPA RESORT (ANANDA IN THE HIMALAYAS) near Rishikesh in Narendranagar, Tehri Garhwal to provide Astrological Consultation (Horoscope Reading) to its various visitors staying over there.

He is one of the rare, new age, unconventional vedic astrologers in India who is well educated, highly qualified, tech savvy, widely travelled, straightforward with a logical bent of mind and who is one of the fastest emerging global brands in the field of Indian Horoscope Astrology and one of the most sought after astrologers in India today. Before taking Astrology as a full time profession he tested it thoroughly while conducting a research work on many hundreds of horoscopes and found some strength in it and then made up his mind to pursue it as a full time profession. Nationally as well as internationally he is recognized as a well known astrologer today for his clean approach towards Astrology as he doesn't encourages superstitions in any manner & never misleads his clients in the name of so called baseless remedies like many other fake or so called astrologers do in an order to make high financial gains.

Certificate received by Dr.A.S.Kalra from the INDIAN INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY - Roorkee (IIT-Roorkee) in March 2005 for developing a software for making Astronomical and Astrological calculations as well as for generating horoscopes

He is a Ph.D (Astrology) from Gurukul Kangri Vishwavidyalaya, Haridwar but many people don't know that he also holds a Master's degree in Technology or an M.Tech in Computer Science and Engineering and is an expert in SEO (Search Engine Optimization) due to which this one of the top or best Astrology website of India is enjoying a strong online presence on the web. If his name was not recommended to you by some of your family member or relative or friend or colleague or neighbor then chances are very high that you are visiting this famous Astrology website of India and reading this web page today due to his excellent SEO skills. He has learnt SEO from Mr. Christopher Heng & Google.

He is very good at software programming and has even developed his own software ASTROSOFT for making Astronomical as well as Astrological calculations for the development of which he's been awarded first prize by the INDIAN INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY - Roorkee (IIT-Roorkee) in 46th 'All India Techno Exhibition' (Srishti '05), (4-6 March, 2005) held in and organized by IIT-Roorkee, under 'Utility Software Category' of 'Software Programming Section'. IIT-Roorkee gave this software another name: - ASTROCHART. Dr.Kalra's 'Vedic Astrology Centre' was termed as 'Centre for Vedic Astrology and Alternative Medicines (CVAAM)' at that time. Professor at IIT-Roorkee, Dr. Satya Prakash was the Chief Advisor of the council which conducted this event, Mr. Manoj Misra was Staff Advisor & Mr. Ashvani Kumar was Council Secretary. The then director of 'Central Building Research Institute - Roorkee', Sh.V.K.Mathur was the chief guest of the function who awarded prizes to the participants. A copy of the source code of this software was submitted in IIT-Roorkee at that time which was tested by the professors of IIT for its authenticity and Dr.Kalra was also separately interviewed by professors in an order to ascertain the authenticity of the software as well as its source code. This can be verified from IIT-Roorkee. Official website of IIT-Roorkee is www.iitr.ac.in

Google / By Ajit Kalra / Author: Ajit Kalra

IIT-Roorkee is 165 years old premier engineering and technological institution of not only India but of the world which was established in year 1847 as the first engineering college in India in British empire. Its establishment was first contemplated by Colonel Colvin of the Bengal Engineers and was suggested to the Honourable James Thomason by Colonel Cautley of the Royal Artillery. It was renamed in year 1854 as Thomason College of Civil Engineering and acquired university status in year 1948. In November 1949 the first prime minister of India, Pandit Jawahar Lal Nehru presented the Charter to elevate it as the first Engineering University of Independent India. On 21st September 2001, the University was declared an institute of national importance, by passing a bill in the parliament, changing its status from University of Roorkee to INDIAN INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY Roorkee. Since its establishment, the University of Roorkee has played a vital role in providing the technical manpower and know-how to the world and in pursuit of research. Roorkee is a small town in Uttarakhand state of India.

{Please Note: - Pictures of the clients published on this webpage (which were clicked in the chamber of Dr.Kalra at the time of meeting) have got different backgrounds because they were clicked in different locations.}

The Astrology software by Dr.A.S.Kalra Astrologer has been developed in 'C' language and is an MS-DOS based program. It is different from the other softwares on Astrology available in the market. It's power lies in doing in-depth technical analysis of a horoscope which makes it quite useful for any predictive Astrologer. This software can find out which planets are 'Aast' (Combust), which planets are 'Uchcha' (Exalted), which planets are 'Neech' (Debilitated), which planets are 'Svarashi' (present in their own signs), which planets are 'Dikbali' (hold extra power due to their presence in some particular direction) , which planets are 'Nishphali' (lost some of their power due their presence in specific houses), which pair of planets have exchanged zodiacs & which planets are 'Sandhigat' (present on the boundary of two zodiac signs) besides giving other information that other softwares give & besides displaying Birthchart, Moonchart, other charts & 'Vinshottari Mahadasha-Antardasha' of 'Grihas'. According to Dr.A.S.Kalra any astrology software can make accurate calculations but it can't analyze horoscope of a person from every angle and it can't make predictions about any person, which only some learned astrologer or horoscope reader can do after using his knowledge, experience, intelligence and intuition.

The Astrology software was developed by Dr.A.S.Kalra in year 2003 for which he had to work hard for about more than 3 months! The main book which was used to program this Astrology software was Panchang Ganitam edited and explained by Late Pandit Kalyan Datt Sharma who was associated with Shri Lal Bahadur Shastri Rashtriya Sanskrit Vidyapeeth in Qutab Institutional Area, Katwaria Sarai, New Delhi. Panchang Ganitam has been derived from Vaijyanti Naam Panchang Ganit written by Mr. Vyankatesh Ketkar in Marathi language and translated in Hindi language by Dr. Devi Prasad Tripathi who is also associated with Shri Lal Bahadur Shastri Rashtriya Sanskrit Vidyapeeth, New Delhi. It is published by Sri Ved Mata Gayatri Trust (Shantikunj Ashram) Haridwar. Official website of Shantikunj Ashram, Haridwar or All World Gayatri Pariwar is www.awgp.org. Official website of Shri Lal Bahadur Shastri Rashtriya Sanskrit Vidyapeeth is www.slbsrsv.ac.in.

It was not that easy for Dr.Kalra to decipher Panchang Ganitam as it is written in pure Hindi (or Dev-Naagari script) with many Sanskrit words embedded into it which made it very cryptic on an overall basis. But Dr. Kalra did not lose heart and tried repeatedly to decipher it and finally became successful. He even found a mistake in the first edition of the book which was published in year 2002. There was an equation related to Jupiter or Guru's 'Manda Phal' missing in the book on page numbers 86 & 87 for which he contacted Shantikunj Ashram, Haridwar on phone and it was a matter of coincidence that Pandit Kalyan Datt Sharma was staying over there at that time! Dr.Kalra went straight to Shantikunj Ashram without any delay and met Pandit Kalyan Datt Sharma personally with the help of Mr. Ram Sahay Shukla of Shantikunj Ashram on 3rd of July 2003, and made him aware of the mistake. Pandit ji referred to Hindi translation of Vaijyanti Naam Panchang Ganit and gave him that equation immediately and also promised to get that equation published in next edition of the book. Pandit ji left for his heavenly abode on 5th of October 2009 in Jaipur, Rajasthan in the age of 90.

President Award winner Late Pandit Kalyan Dutt Sharma had to his credit building five stone observatories at different places including: - (1) A Stone Obervatory in Jaipur, (2) Shri Lal Bahadur Shastri Rashtriya Sanskrit Vidyapeeth, New Delhi, (3) Dr. Sampurnanand Sanskrit Vishwavidyalaya, Varanasi, (4) Shanti Kunj Ashram, Haridwar and (5) one along bank of the Yamuna river in Mathura. Pandit Sharma also served as a teacher in Maharaja Sanskrit College in Jaipur. Mr Sharma worked for several years as Incharge of the Jantar Mantar Stone Observatory constructed by founder of Jaipur Maharaja Sawai Jaisingh in the City Palace area in Jaipur.

But in spite of all this, like many other students of Computer Science and Engineering Dr.A.S.Kalra still finds himself a bit weak in implementing Data Structures in 'C' language and managed to pass his practical examination of Data Structures implementation in 'C' like many of his batch mates managed to did it but during viva voce he honestly accepted it in front of the examiner how he did it. Examiner liked his honesty and in spite of all that gave him good marks because perhaps Dr.Kalra knew the logic behind it.

Astrology books studied by Dr.A.S.Kalra for developing Astrology Software: -

Title: Panchaang Ganitam
Author: Pandit Kalyan Dutt Sharma
Publisher: Shri Ved Mata Gayatri Trust, Shantikunj Ashram, Haridwar
Phone: 01334-260602

Title: Khagol Aivam Ganit Jyotish
Author: Deepak Kapoor
Publisher: Ranjan Publications, 16, Shanti Mohan House, Ansari Road, Daryaganj, New Delhi
Phone: 011-23278835, 011-23282998

Title: Jyotish Sangriha
Author: Umesh Puri 'Gyaneshwar'
Publisher: Randhir Prakashan
Haridwar - 249 401
Phone: 01334-226297, 01334-228510
Mobile: 9012181820

Title:Janmapatri Svayam Banaiye
Author: Harbhajan Singh Mann
Publisher: Amit Pocket Books
Gyan Market
near Chowk Adda Tanda
Jalandhar - 144 008, Punjab
Phone: 0181-2212696

Computer Science books used for the programming of Astrology Software in 'C' language: -

Working with C


Graphics under C
BPB Publications
B-14, Connaught Place
New Delhi - 110 001


As Dr AS Kalra (famous Indian Horoscope Reader of India) had his entire education throughout in English medium so he has a good understanding of English language & is quite good at reading, writing & speaking English language, so he observes no problem in dealing with international clients. He frequently visits one of the world's top destination spa ANANDA SPA RESORT (ANANDA IN THE HIMALAYAS) above Rishikesh in Narendranagar, Tehri Garhwal to provide Astrological Consultation (Horoscope Reading) to its various visitors staying over there. ANANDA SPA RESORT has been frequented by many famous guests some of which include Oprah Winfrey, Jerry Hall, Bill Gates and Melinda Gates, Kate Winslet, Frederick Forsyth, Ricky Martin, Nicole Kidman, Macklemore, Prince Charles (Prince of Wales), Camilla (Duchess of Cornwall), Deepak Chopra, Uma Thurman, Jeremy Piven, Aamir Khan and Vir Sanghvi. ANANDA SPA RESORT has been rated many times as one of the top destination spa in the world by many travel magazines like Travel + Leisure Magazine, Conde' Nast Traveller, Spa Finder, Tatler Magazine, Asia Spa, Resorts Web Magazine, Baccarat AsiaSpa Awards (BASA), Harpers n Queen & Harpers Abroad as well as by leading newspapers like 'The New York Times' of USA and 'The Daily Telegraph' of UK.

ANANDA IN THE HIMALAYAS was established in year 2000 & is India'a first destination spa. It focuses on Yoga and Ayurvedic practices combined with international spa therapies. The property includes the royal palace of Narendra Nagar of the Maharaja of Tehri Garhwal (an erstwhile Indian princely state) and the restored Viceregal Palace which was added to the palace in years 1910-1911. ANANDA is owned and managed by IHHR Hospitality Private Limited (www.ihhrhospitality.com). The Chairman of IHHR, Mr. G.K. Khanna is a visionary with over 5 decades of experience in the hotel industry. The M.D. of the company Mr. Ashok Khanna (son of the Chairman Mr. G.K. Khanna) is a graduate from the 'Cornell School of Hotel Administration', Ithaca, New York, USA with over three decades of experience in hospitality. Official website of ANANDA is www.AnandaSpa.Com.

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Dr.A.S.Kalra (one of the best astrologer in India) is also a member of Mavelil Homoeo Mission, Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala. He has also worked as a columnist for a supplement DOON PLUS of the Delhi Edition of the leading Indian English daily THE TIMES OF INDIA (owned and published by the media group Bennett Coleman & Company Limited). DOON PLUS was circulated bi-weekly in Dehradun and adjoining cities few years aback. Through this column which was based upon providing astrological consultation to readers through their horoscope reading & was entitled STARSPEAK he used to answer queries of various readers regarding various issues of their lives (viz. education, career prospects, marriage, married life, business, financial condition, childbirth, foreign tour, health & property etc.) through Astrological means, by analysing their horoscopes.

Readers were asked to send their names, birth details as well as queries via an email to Dr.A.S.Kalra. Dr.Kalra had the job of analyzing their birth charts or horoscopes & then typing answers comprising astrological predictions to their queries. After that he had to email data of the readers (their names and birth details), their queries as well as astrological predictions to their queries to THE TIMES OF INDIA's Delhi office on Bahadurshah Zafar Marg in New Delhi which used to get published in DOON PLUS supplement after getting edited by the editor of THE TIMES OF INDIA. THE TIMES OF INDIA was paying some amount on per column basis to Dr.A.S.Kalra for working for this column. You can view soft copies of the STARSPEAK column as well as proofs of the payments received by Dr.A.S.Kalra from THE TIMES OF INDIA (Bennett Coleman & Company Limited) on the following web page of this site: - Testimonials of Dr.A.S.Kalra.

This can also be verified from THE TIMES OF INDIA.

Contact details of THE TIMES OF INDIA are: -

Mr. Sharat Sharma (Editor)
1st Floor, 7, Bahadurshah Zafar Marg
New Delhi - 110002

Phone: - +91 11 2349 2224

E-mail: sharat.sharma@timesgroup.com

Ms. Nilakshi Bhattacharyya
THE TIMES OF INDIA (Response Editorial)
1st Floor, 7, Bahadurshah Zafar Marg
New Delhi - 110002

Phone: - +91 11 2330 2620

E-mail: nilakshi.bhattacharyya@timesgroup.com
Bennett Coleman & Co. Ltd.
10, Darya Ganj, New Delhi - 110002

Phone: - +91 11 3984 3333
Bennett Coleman & Co. Ltd.
Dr. D.N. Road, Mumbai - 400001


Visiting card of a client Mr. Rajan Bhatia from
New Jersey, USA

A supplement Dehradun Live of the leading Indian English daily HINDUSTAN TIMES contacted Dr.A.S.Kalra (one of the famous astrologer in India) on May 15, 2009 to ask him to predict about the results of Lok Sabha polls being held at that time in the Republic of India. However Dr.Kalra refused to comment anything by saying that Vedic Astrology is not that capable to predict about the results of elections as there are many people involved in a particular party and fate of all of them will decide the outcome and its practically not possible to analyze the horoscopes of all members of a particular party. You can view soft copy of the interview published on the following web page of this site: - Testimonials of Dr.A.S.Kalra. This can also be verified from HINDUSTAN TIMES. Contact details of HINDUSTAN TIMES (Dehradun) are: -

70/4A, Rajpur Road
Dehradun - 248001
Phone: - 0135-2743274, 2743275

Dr.A.S.Kalra (one of the best Indian Astrologer) is also writing a full page column ASTRO CORNER for a medical magazine entitled SAVES HEART which is being printed by SCIENTIFIC PRESS, Pune and which is being published by ARAMUC INDIA LIMITED, Mumbai for its client INTAS PHARMACEUTICALS LIMITED, Ahmedabad, Gujarat. This magazine is distributed among Registered Medical Practitioners. Dr.A.S.Kalra is being paid some amount on per column basis by the ARAMUC INDIA LIMITED, Mumbai for working for this column. You can view soft copies of the front page, table of contents page & the page comprising ASTRO CORNER column in the SAVES HEART magazine (bearing name as well as photograph of Dr.A.S.Kalra) as well as proof of the payment received by Dr.A.S.Kalra from ARAMUC INDIA LIMITED, Mumbai on the following web page of this site: - Testimonials of Dr.A.S.Kalra.

Contact details of these organizations are: -
5-6, 3rd floor, Oxford Elegance, Kedari Nagar, Wanwadi, Pune - 411 040, Maharashtra

Tel: +91 20 4009 2875/76
Fax: +91 20 4009 2876

Email: response@scientificpress.net
102-106, Sai Chambers, Opposite Railway Station, Santacruz (East), Mumbai - 400 055, Maharashtra

Tel: +91 22 67341500-529
Fax: +91 22 6678 0878

Email: info@aramuc.net
Web: www.aramuc.net
Chinubhai Center, off Nehru Bridge, Ashram Road, Ahmedabad - 380 009, Gujrat

Tel: +91 79 2657 6655
Fax: +91 79 2657 8862

Email: info@intaspharma.com
Web: www.intaspharma.com

Dr. A.S. Kalra has also contributed articles on Astrology in leading Hindi daily of north India AMAR UJALA (Haridwar Edition) which you can view on the following web page of this site: - Testimonials of Dr.A.S.Kalra. You can also verify it from the bureau chief of AMAR UJALA (Haridwar): -

Mr. Kaushal Sikhola (Bureau Chief)
509, Model Colony
opp. Prem Nagar Ashram
Near Chandracharya Chowk
Ranipur, Haridwar - 249410
Phone: +91 1334 228407

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Dr. A.S.Kalra is also a Trainer of Astrology (or Teacher of Astrology or Tutor of Astrology in India) & not only practices but also teaches Indian Vedic Astrology & Palmistry or Palm Lines Analysis. Till date he has provided training in Astrology to many people from outside India along with Indians.

Some of the students from outside India who've done Vedic Astrology Course in India from Dr.A.S.Kalra: -
S.No.StudentCountryAddressPlace of learning Astrology in India
1Ms Sharita Singh MadhavSouth AfricaSandton. Johannesburg, South AfricaLord Curzon Club Lounge, 9th floor, Hotel THE ROYAL PLAZA, Ashoka Road, New Delhi, India
2Dr Aliya AftabPakistanMain Gulberg Road, near SherPao Bridge, Lahore, PakistanVaishali, Delhi NCR, India
3Steven PadayacheeSouth AfricaPinetown, Durban, Kwa - Zulu Natal, South Africa - 4000Hotel Broadway, Asaf Ali Road, Delhi, India
4Tran Hai DuongVietnamTrong Tan, Dinh Cong, Hoang Mai, Ha Noi, VietnamVaishali, Delhi-NCR, India
5Walter BaroffioSwitzerlandLa-Chaux-de-faunds, 2300 Switzerland, Swiss FederationVedic Astrolgy Centre, Shivalik Nagar, Haridwar, India
Lakshman Jhula, Rishikesh, India
6Alexandra BabrovikEstoniaTallinn, Estonia - 13816 (Europe)Parmarth Niketan Ashram, Rishikesh, India
7Yuki SuzukiJapanChoushi, Yamanshi prefecture, JapanVaishali, Delhi-NCR, India

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His predictions are based on the latest research he has made in the fields of Vedic Astrology and Palm Analysis. He adopts a Scientific Approach towards Indian Vedic Astrology and doesn't aims to promote superstitions in any manner. He's even developed his own Scientific format for making horoscope which is far superior to conventional one. A common man can easily understand horoscope made on this new Scientific format. He is a very good Palmist also & has a good knowledge & practice of Palmistry but according to him Palmistry alone can't produce good results but if it is practised along with Horoscope Reading then it can yield very good results.

To encourage the use of national language of India, Hindi, he has kept his consultation fee quite less for obtaining astrological predictions from him in Hindi language as compared to English language. Also he knows very well that a common citizen of India can't afford to pay a high fee for obtaining astrological services, so he is charging very less fee from people calling from inside India and people meeting him in his chamber in India as compared to people calling from outside India. He is the only astrologer in India who has considered the financial constraints of a common Indian man or woman who are facing the problems of unemployment and inflation, while making price slabs of consultation fees for obtaining astrological consultation.

{Please Note: - Pictures of the clients published on this webpage (which were clicked in the chamber of Dr.Kalra at the time of meeting) have got different backgrounds because they were clicked in different locations.}

On the other hand he is strongly against the idea of providing free of cost astrological predictions because according to him people seeking free of cost astrological services actually want some form of entertainment and they just want to pass their time. Also astrologers providing free of cost astrological guidance are either some retired people who just want to pass their time and seek some form of entertainment in it or some so called astrologers who provide free of cost astrological consultation are actually some less educated quacks who mislead their clients in the name of costly and baseless remedies and eventually make a lot of money from their clients. According to astrologist Dr.A.S.Kalra even the poorest person can pay his fee because he has seen very poor and even unemployed people who spend money on a daily basis on purchasing tobacco in the form of cigarette, gutkha and bidi as well as liquor or alcoholic drinks. So there is no point providing free of cost astrological services to any client also because practice of predictive astrology requires a lot of time, energy and patience on the part of an astrologer.

To protect the privacy of his clients (who visit him in person or who obtain astrological consultation from him over phone) he has decided not to develop any network on any of the social networking websites like Facebook, Orkut or Google Plus etc. though he is having his profile in LinkedIn.Com, Facebook & Google Plus and some people have included him in their circles in Google Plus but he hasn't included anybody in his circles. However pictures of some of his clients or Astrology students have been published in this site after obtaining their permission. According to him, if his clients would feel satisfied from his work then they can recommend his name to their family members, friends, relatives, neighbours or colleagues on phone or while meeting them in person or via email & it has been oberved that it has been happening in reality also. People who approach him for obtaining astrological guidance are doing his publicity by their mouth. Everybody wants professional growth but it is absolutely not that essential to develop a network on any social networking website for obtaining growth in profession.

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So far he has received requests from various Indian TV channels to broadcast some live or recorded program on Astrology in his name but he has refused their request so as to avoid attaining any unwanted widespread publicity. On the other hand side some so called astrologers these days in an order to attain widespread publicity get recorded a video of Astrology program in their name in some recording studio (by paying money to recording studio!) along with an anchor or host which is provided by the recording studio and after that they approach some TV channels to broadcast those videos for obtaining publicity for which they pay huge sums of money to the TV channels. According to Dr.A.S.Kalra majority of such so called astrologers claim to change the destiny of people by various baseless ways which is a good way to betray gullible people watching their videos. Those so called astrologers can not themselves change their own destiny!

Many such astrologers appearing on various TV channels these days prepare a tour program in which they go from one city to another one after another and stay in hotels over there due to which there expenses increase a lot and they start charging exorbitant prices from their clients to compensate for their huge expenses (recording of video program along with an anchor in some studio, approaching TV channels to get them broadcasted, travelling to various cities, staying in hotels, maintaining a call centre with customer care executives to handle phone calls etc.). According to Dr.A.S.Kalra a genuine astrologer has absolutely no need to run from one city to another every other day because if he has some strength in his work then people will start visiting his place not only from other Indian cities but also from other countries! Astrologers running from one city to another are not astrologers but actually they are smart businessmen with good marketing skills! Many gullible people feel that a man or a woman wearing saffron or yellow or orange color loose clothes (like choga), having vermillion mark on his/her forehead or sandalwood paste applied on his/her forehead, wearing a necklace of 'Rudraksha' beads and wearing many rings of gold or silver metal embedded with various gemstones into them would be a good astrologer or sooth sayer or fortune teller of psychic which according to Dr.A.S.Kalra is a big misconception and people should not go by the physical appearance of any astrologer as physical appearance has nothing to do with the knowledge of Astrology. In fact many so called astrologers know this Psychology of people very well and they make their physical appearance like this so that it becomes easy for them to bluff their clients.

Pictures of the chamber of Dr.A.S.Kalra

Dr.A.S.Kalra's name has also been included in the world famous astrologers' directory website hosted in USA www.findastrologer.com which is being conceived & managed by Ms Robin Manteris of Nashville, Tennessee, USA. His name appears in the following categories of the website: -

Astrologers by Speciality >> Vedic Astrology
Astrologers by Name >> Astrologers listed by name K
Astrologers by Location >> International Astrologers 'India'
Local Astrology Classes

Ms Robin Manteris of FindAstrologer.Com, resident of Nashville, Tennessee, USA

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{Please Note: - Pictures of the clients published on this webpage (which were clicked in the chamber of Dr.Kalra at the time of meeting) have got different backgrounds because they were clicked in different locations.}

According to him, Astrology is partly Science and partly it is an art of estimation and success rate of different astrologers is different. Its just like physicians, lawyers, sportspersons and film actors have different success rates and there is not 100% success rate in any profession of the world. Its just like even one of the most famous cricket player of the world who is also called as the 'God of Cricket', Sachin Tendulkar can not guarantee to make six runs on every ball and he can not guarantee to make a century in every match. Interestingly in many crucial matches his bat doesn't works and he is back to pavillion on a duck! Similarly greatest film star of Hindi cinema Mr Amitabh Bachchan has also given many flop films in his career. These examples have been cited here just to prove it that even highly successful professionals in any field never perform the same way always. In a similar profession different persons have different success rates. According to him Vedic Astrology is Astrology in its pure form but in recent centuries many myths & superstitions have been added to Astrology by many cunning astrologers or quacks to make more money from people suffering in their lives. All astrologers are not same. Some are honest and some are dishonest, some are competent and some not so competent, some are genuine and some are not genuine and this is applicable to every profession of this world. Many other astrologers who claim that Astrology is purely a Science are absolutely wrong and they do not know much about Science as well as Astrology. Interestingly majority of astrologers in Indian subcontinent are less educated people and many of them claim to alter the destiny of their clients when they themself can't change their own destiny and are found to be suffering in their own life from various point of views.

He is a die hard Armin Van Buuren fan & loves to listening songs comprising his music as well as various ASOTs (A State of Trance music) composed by him. Interestingly he shares his date of birth, month of birth & year of birth with Armin!!! Besides Armin he also likes Lana Del Rey & Vidya Iyer (aka Vidya Vox). He belongs to a Sikh family (pure vegetarian & teetotaller) and does not belong to any family of conventional astrologers where knowledge and practice of Astrology is passed from one generation to next generation. His father, grand father and great grand father knew nothing of Astrology. He never aimed to become an astrologer during his schooling, graduation and post graduation but he started believing in destiny as well as alternative medicines or holistic healing very strongly during his post graduation and simultaneously developed interest in learning Astrology and various forms of alternative medicines and some time after completing his post graduation changed his aim to become an astrologer instead of working for some organization as an IT professional. But he strongly feels that becoming an astrologer was there somewhere in his destiny.

Before launching himself as an astrologer when Dr.Kalra revealed his plan to enter the field of Vedic Horoscope Astrology on a full time basis his family members, relatives, friends and well wishers were shocked as they couldn't believe it that he would become successful in this line and nobody approved his idea of pursuing Astrology as full time profession. But Dr.Kalra was pretty confident that he would become successful as an astrologer someday. His father Sardar Narinder Singh Kalra is a Mechanical Engineer by education who got retired in year 2009 from BHEL (Bharat Heavy Electricals Limited), Haridwar plant. BHEL is the largest engineering and manufacturing enterprise in India in the energy related/infrastructure sector. His mother Mrs Swarn Kaur was a home maker who can't work now due to some ageing related issues. Dr. Kalra's grand parents hailed from Pakistan in year 1947 after India-Pakistan partition and got settled in New Delhi. His grand father late Sardar Amrik Singh Kalra used to work in a tailoring shop entitled 'Swaraj Tailors' on Ajmal Khan Road, Karol Bagh, New Delhi till year 1987 which was later on converted into 'Swaraj Saree House'. He has no brother but only one sister Ms Poonam Kalra who holds an MSc degree in Microbiology and who is happily married in Jalandhar, Punjab to Sardar Tajinder Singh, MBA (Finance).

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Some screenshots of the Astrology/Horoscope Software

developed by Dr.A.S.Kalra

in 'C' language on MS-DOS platform

(Generation of horoscope of a person born on
2nd of September 1964 at 4:05 am in New Delhi, India)

Coordinates of New Delhi: -
Latitude - 28° 39' North
Longitude - 77° 13' East

Input screen#1 (before entering inputs)

Input screen#1 (after entering date/month/year of birth)

(Day of birth or 'Vaar' appears on screen as an output)

Input screen#2 (before entering inputs)

Input screen#2 (after entering time of birth hours:minutes (am/pm))

Input screen#3 (before entering inputs)

Input screen#3 (after entering latitude of place of birth)

Input screen#4 (before entering inputs)

Input screen#4 (after entering longitude of place of birth)

Output screen#1

Output screen#2

Output screen#3 (Janma Lagna Kundli or Birth Ascendant Chart)

Output screen#4 (Chandra Kundli or Moon Chart)

Output screen#5

Output screen#6

Output screen#7

Output screen#8

Output screen#9

Output screen#10

Google / By Ajit Kalra / Author: Ajit Kalra

As far as remedies are concerned then according to Dr.A.S.Kalra best remedy for any problem is to pray to God which may boost emotional strength of a person to deal with problems of life. Many great personalities of the world have suffered from big problems in their lives but they kept on praying to God to give them adequate strength to deal with problems. Prayer is recommended in every religion of the world. God has written our destiny and he has the power to change or modify our destiny. Another remedy is to wait for the beginning of appropriate period (or dasha) in life because it has been observed that sometimes a person is suffering in his life due to the onset of a negative phase (or dasha) in his life. A competent astrologer can tell after analyzing the horoscope of a person that when the negative time phase started in a person's life and when it is expected to be over and regarding which issue of life negativity is persisting in the person's life.

As far as gem stones are concerned then according to Dr.Kalra gem stones affect a person more on a psychological basis but sometimes it has been observed that in some cases where some persons were suffering from some health issues, after wearing appropriate gem stones prescribed by some competent astrologer they got relieved from the health issue very fastly (of course they also continued taking medicines prescribed by the physician or specialist). In some cases it has been observed that some astrologers are doing the business of selling gem stones along with doing horoscope reading. Either they have a stock of gem stones along with them or they tie up with some gem stones trader from whom they receive commission on recommending the name of that gem stone trader to their clients. Such astrologers some how manage to convince their clients to wear some gem stone and in some cases if by chance sometime after wearing the gem stone a positive time phase begins in the life of the client and the client starts observing positive results in his life then the client starts thinking that due to wearing that particular gem stone prescribed by that astrologer he/she started getting benefited. Actually that person got benefitted not by wearing that gemstone but due to the onset of a positive time phase in his life which by chance started after wearing that gem stone prescribed by that so called astrologer.

There are many hopeless cases also where there is no solution available. Its just like some people are mentally retarded or suffering from some other critical illness, some other people don't have a love life or happy married life in their destiny, some people struggle due to financial reasons through out their lives due to their bad luck etc. In such cases there can be only one solution and that is... acceptance to the will of God!!! Dr.A.S.Kalra do not believe that by getting done some sort of yagya, havan, jap, tantra, mantra from some pandit or some so called astrologer or by keeping some yantra or kavach etc. destiny can be altered or happiness can be achieved in life. There is no such remedy mentioned in Vedic Astrology and majority of so called astrologers today are making fool of gullible people in the name of costly remedies so as to extract fat amount of money from them. Lord Krishna asked Arjuna to continue doing his 'Karma' with out attaching himself too much with the fruits or results. Someone has said it rightly: - "Waqt se pehle or kismat se zyada na kabhi kisi ko kuch mila hai na milega."

Dr. A.S. Kalra (World Famous Astrologer in India Delhi) had earlier choosen to practice & teach Indian Vedic Astrology (or Jyotish) in holy cities of Haridwar & Rishikesh because these ancient cities are situated on the foothills of Shivalik mountains of the great Himalayas, on the banks of the holy & reverred river Ganga (or Ganges). The atmosphere of these cities is quite serene & the cities have been quite famous since ancient times for Vedic studies. Most tourists (including foreigners) to Haridwar, Rishikesh, Dehradun & Mussoorie cities as well as various pilgrims to Gangotri, Yamunotri, Badrinath & Kedarnath (located in Uttarakhand state of India) also scheduled to visit him to obtain Astrological Consultation / Astrological Guidance or Birth Chart Reading & Palm Analysis. As he can speak English language quite fluenty, he observes no problem in dealing with international clients.

Many so called astrologers or jyotish of Indian subcontinent who claim themselves to be the world famous astrologers (when they are actually not!!!) can't speak or write a single sentence in English language properly. Leave English... many of them can not even speak Hindi language properly (they can't pronounce Hindi words properly!). Majority of them do not even know what are IITs or what is ANANDA SPA RESORT & they can't even read THE TIMES OF INDIA newspaper. To become a world famous astrologer command over English language is very essential because English is the language which has helped networked the world because English people ruled more than half of the world for centuries. India's celebrity astrologer Bejan Daruvalla became a world famous astrologer not only because of his knowledge of Astrology but also because he has a good command over English language & he has also served as a professor of English language in Ahmedabad.

He has also developed clientele in other parts of the world especially in USA (United States of America), UK (United Kingdom), Canada, Australia, New Zealand, France, Germany, Italy, Cyprus, South Africa, Mauritius, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Japan, Brazil, Peru, Nepal, Argentina, Saudi Arab (Dubai), Finland, Kuwait, Qatar, Baharain, Jordan, Kyrgyzstan, Myanmar, Indonesia, Laos, Kampuchea, Turkey, Vietnam, Iran, Oman, Lebanon, Yemen, Brunei, Iraq, United Arab Emirates, Maldives, Philippines, Taiwan, Albania, Belgium, Estonia, Hungary, Lithuania, The Netherlands, San Marino, Ukraine, Andorra, Iceland, Luxemburg, Norway, Slovakia, Armenia, Bulgaria, Ireland, Macedonia, Poland, Slovenia, Austria, Croatia, Georgia, Malta, Portugal, Spain, Vatican City State, Czech Republic, Latvia, Moldova, Romania, Sweden, Yugoslavia, Belarus, Denmark, Greece, Monaco, Russia, Switzerland, Bolivia, Chile and Paraguay etc. Developing faith in some astrologer is not so easy in today's world and moreover when the astrologer is searched on the internet, that is why Dr.Kalra has provided his so many testimonials in this website as well as various references so that visitors of this site can develop trust in him. Besides Haridwar, he is also quite famous in adjoining cities of Haridwar like: - Rishikesh, Dehradun, Mussoorie, Roorkee, Kotdwara, Saharanpur & Muzaffarnagar as well as in New Delhi (& NCRs: - Noida, Gurgaon, Ghaziabad & Faridabad), Mumbai, Pune, Bangalore (or Bengaluru), Hyderabad, Chennai, Trivandrum, Chandigarh, Ahmedabad, Surat, Kolkata, Mysore, Jaipur & Vadodara cities. He also holds strong interest in various forms of Alternative Medicines like: - Naturopathy, Acupressure, Magnetotherapy, Homoeopathy, Tissue Salts (Biochemy), Ayurveda, Unani & Yoga etc.

Practitioner of Astrology is called as Astrologer or Astrologist or Jyotishi. An astrologer practices one or more forms of astrology. Various forms of Astrology are: - Horoscope Reading, Palmistry, Tarot Card Reading, Numerology, I-Ching, Runes, Crystal Ball Gazing & Hebrew Kabalah etc. Typically a Vedic Astrologer or an Indian Astrologer draws a horoscope for the time of an event, such as a person's birth, and interprets celestial points and their placements at the time of the event to better understand someone, determine the auspiciousness of an undertaking's beginning, etc. However, the methods employed by astrologers are variable and depend on the particular astrological tradition they employ and the information desired. In the far past, the role often entailed astronomical observation or manual calculation of celestial phenomena. In more modern times, however, these methods have largely been replaced by pre-calculated ephemeris and astrological software.

The Predictive Indian Vedic Astrology is based upon some logics given by the sage Parashara. It is not a Science but there lies some strength or truth in it due to which it is still present in this world. The success of an Indian Vedic Astrologer depends upon how much correct he can tell about an unknown person or his life or how many of his clients get satisfied by his predictions. No Astrologer is 100% correct. Indian Celebrity Astrologer Bejan Daruwalla (or Bejan Daruvalla or Bejan Daruvala or Bejan Daruwala) has also admitted it many times. Many times the prediction of India's most accurate astrologers in India or Jyotishi on some client goes wrong because the client do not provide correct birth details. Many clients give estimated birth details & moreover with a lot of confidence. Some clients do not want to bother to enquire their correct birth details from their elders as they do not realize the importance of correct birth details in Jyotisha.

An Indian Vedic Astrologer (even Doctor of Astrology or Doctorate of Astrology) can himself suffer in life due to his own bad luck or a bad phase of time.

The job of an Indian Vedic Astrologer is not to bluff his clients by claiming that he can change their destiny by prescribing some so called remedies (like stones, mantras, tantras, yantras, yagna, havan, poojas, homams or daans) but only to tell something about their destiny & to alert them of some coming good or bad phase of time in their lives so that his clients can prepare themselves in advance (if situation seems to be avoidable or if its bad effect can be minimized) according to the practical ways as suggested by the Indian Vedic Astrologer or Vedic Astrologers in India . Though altering one's destiny is not that easy & it can not be done with out the bounty of God.

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List of Top ten 10 Best & Famous Astrologers in India, World

Top ten/10 Astrologers in India (World) are: - Bejan Daruwalla (or Bejan Daruvalla), Dr.A.S.Kalra, K.N. Rao, Anupam V. Kapil, Bansilal M Jumaani, Sanjay B Jumaani, Swetta Jumaani, Sunita Menon, Pandit Ajay Bhambi & Pandit Prem Kumar Sharma.

Bejan Daruwalla
His name is in the directory of top astrologers in India (or top Jyotish in India, World). He is the Astrologer to the Rich and Famous. He has been a professor in English. Currently his articles publish in The Sunday Times of India, Telegraph (Calcutta), Navkind Times (Goa), Dell Annual Horoscope,1998 (New York), News India (New York), Berkley Communications (London). His books are published by Hind Pocket Books and are available for sale in the Book Stores. Bejan Daruwalla also meets people for astrological consultations.

The prime minister of India Atal Bihari Vajpayee, invited Ganesha devotee who is a celebrity astrologer in India, on July 16,2000, to predict his and India's future, surely a feather in the cap of astrology! The world's biggest non government organization, the Bhartiya Vidhya Bhawan, had Bejan as their chief guest on their first convocation ceremony after the centenary year. It was held on December 19, 1999.

As early as 1998 the publishers of the book, had said in the introduction of "Ganesha devotee, and Pete Sampras, the tennis champ, can now only compete against themselves.Today the whole world knows that Pete Sampras has created a history in the Wimbledon by winning the title for the 7th time and claiming a record breaking 13th grand slam title.

What has to say about himself? Only a human being born on 11th, July 1931,who loves to laugh and play and love everybody. Bejan is only the vessel for the grace of Ganesha to flow in. Yes, he does go wrong from time to time, he loves his family, cares deeply and is emotionally bonded with hoops of steel to the whole wide world. He, in short, cares and dares.

Famous Indian astrologer Bejan Daruwala also has a notable record of failed predictions, some of which include his prediction that South Africa will emerge the winner of 2003 Cricket World Cup. For 2007 Cricket World Cup he predicted that India had a strong chance of winning the World Cup and that either Rahul Dravid or Munaf Patel would be "player of the tournament". He had forecasted that Shahrukh Khan would gain name and fame from his association with Kolkata Knight Riders in 2008. He added that both Shahrukh and Saurav Ganguly are in great shape astrologically which should bode well for Kolkata Knight Riders. The team was supposed to reach semi-finals in the IPL tournament as per his prediction.

One of the best Indian astrologer Bejan Daruwala had also predicted that Kashmir problem should be solved between 2001 and 2002. Another prediction was made to the effect that Atal Bihari Vajpayee would return to the power in 2004. After Manmohan Singh became the PM with UPA in power at the centre in 2004, he predicted that India will have a new government by August 2005. Predicting the rise of India as a superpower in 21st century, he asserted the year 2008 will mark India's rise. In December 2004 he predicted that India and Pakistan will reach a workable truce in the next three years. At the same point of time, he made this observation for US, "I am not happy with Bush. He made a mistake by attacking Iraq and I suspect that he may not be able to complete his term." Further, he added, "it will take at least nine months for any kind of peace to come to Iraq." He also predicted that before 2010 America will have a woman President. In March 2009, he predicted that, "Amitabh might top 100 astrologers in india become a grandfather this year, Saif might get married."Another prediction was that "2009 will bring about Osama's downfall." On the sets of Bigg Boss 4, replying to a question from host Salman Khan about who will win the show, Daruwalla (Top Indian Astrologer) said, "I see there is a tough competition between Shweta Tiwari and Dolly Bindra." He also predicted that Salman Khan will host the next season of Bigg Boss as well.

Some of his most amusing predictions include the assertion that by 2007 "massive trains and huge cars will fly gracefully" and "the secrets of the space as such will be discovered." Another prediction speaks about India that, "On our Republic Day 2008, we will be visited by aliens. The best part of it is, we will know it and accept it.

His name is also taken among the world famous astrologers in India (expert vedic astrologers in India), New Delhi . He is one of the Vedic Astrologers in India (or Vedic Jyotishi in India). He retired from the Indian Audit and counts Service as Director General in November 1990. He was initiated into astrology by his mother. He is the Advisor of Astrology Courses in the Bharatiya Vidya Bhawan, New Delhi. The teachers on the teaching faculty of the astrology course in the Bharatiya Vidya Bhawan have, like him, never charged any fees for teaching which they do in an honorary capacity.

What impelled Rao to do it is well explained in his own horoscope where the lagna and the 10th lords get combined in the lagna, with an exalted Jupiter in the 10th house. What different yogis have said about astrology as a Vedanga which he must not give up has been quoted in his book, Yogis, Destiny and the Wheel of Time. Astrology is ill-reputed as a profession because of its mercenary and exploitative nature.

In the year 2000 when he (reputed indian astrologers in India or astrologer of reputation in India). was ailing seriously and was unable even to walk, astrology was introduced as a subject of study in modern Indian universities , (it has been taught in Sanskrit institutions for many decades and centuries), it was relentlessly attacked by the pseudo-scientists, pseudo-intellectuals and the media, both print and electronic, carried on a relentless propaganda.

If the media has an honest intention of contributing to social causes why does it not take up a fight against fraudulent astrologers who make fortunes in the name of fraudulent and non existent yogas like KAAL SARPA YOGA and costly remedial measures through which they cheat people all over India ?

Pt. Ajai Bhambi
He is in the list of best astrologers in India (or best jyotishi in India, World). He is a post graduate in Economics & a Law graduate. Before practicing Astrology he was practicing Law. A prolific writer, he has written several books and writes for many magazines and newspapers both in India as well as overseas. He has a regular column in The Hindustan Times for the last five years where he writes on national and international personalities in a column entitled Star Trek. He was a columnist in Deccan Chronicle (Hyderabad) for five years. In this column he provided solutions to the problems of the people astrologically. Readers also sent in their questions along with their birth details.

The same kind of service is also provided in other magazines like Sun, Freeads, and Kadambini, which are published from Delhi. He gives a daily forecast in Delhi Midday, The Shillong Times. His monthly column runs in Cosmopolitan, International Trade Management Network etc. He also has a column in Gulf-News Dubai. He writes for Samna (Mumbai) and Dainik Tribune (Chandigarh).

He is one of the most popular astrologers in India and has authored many books some of which are ‘Be Your Own Astrologer’, ‘Vaastu for You and Your Family’, ‘Neech Bhang Raj Yog’, ‘Manavta Ka EKmatra Mitra Shani’ etc.

Dr. Prem Kumar Sharma
He comes in the list of famous astrologers in India (or Famous Jyotish in India or Online Astrologers in India) has made several predictions duly chronicle in leading Indian newspapers like The Hindustan Times, The Times of India, The Tribune group Publications (The Tribune, Punjabi Tribune, Dainik Tribune), Indian Express, Hind Samachar Group (Punjab Kesri & Jag Bani), Dainik Bhaskar, Ajit Samachar, Punjab Times International (U.K.), Desi Talk (A NewsIndia Group Publications, New York), etc. Dr. Sharma is providing content for Hindustan Times on regular basis (A Leading National Daily Newspaper).

He answers the queries of general people daily in "Astro Queries" section of Hindustan Times.He is providing Daily Forecast and Birthday Thoughts for HT City. He is also providing services to Hindustan Times subscribers, answering their queries, in HT Live in Delhi and its surrounding areas. He answers the queries of general people Weekly in "Astro Queries" section of Divya Himachal Newspaper that circulates in Shimla and other areas of Himachal Pradesh.

He is also regularly providing the content for weekly as well as Birthday Thoughts for NewsIndia Group Publication, New York. He is providing daily forecast for "Hitavada" newspaper that circulates in Nasik and other major cities of Maharashtra. He provided Vaastu articles for "Mail Today" newspaper. Dr. Sharma provides weekly content to "The South Asian Newspaper" that circulates in Newyork and its nearby areas. He also answers the queries of the people in this newspaper. He provides Hindi Weekly Forecast for Sunday edition of Punjab Kesari (Hindi National Daily Newspaper).

Anupam V Kapil
His name comes in the list of leading astrologers in India (or top Indian Astrologers). A Palmist, psychic and India’s only phonetic numerologist he is the best selling author of Numerology Made Easy by Penguin Books and a columnist (daily predictions) for the Times of India (all editions) and is popular on Radio Mirchi, Pune for daily predictions.

India' s most contacted numerologist on mobile with 14 lacs sms’s on his premium sms on 8888 enabled on Air Tel, Reliance, Hutch, BSNL, Orange, Idea, BPL and all other mobile operators in India, Pune based he runs a successful logistics company too. After completing his Masters in Journalism and Communications, MBA and Law, he took up journalism and wrote extensively for The Times of India, Indian Express and Mid Day.

Specialisation: He (professional astrologer of India) whose name appears in the list of vedic astrologers in India specialises in remedial measures in Astrology and Palmistry. He believes that Grace of God and intuition have helped him at every step. Well versed in spiritual subjects and meditation, he also learnt some esoteric secrets from a Himalayan master . Though well acquainted with face reading, graphology and gem therapy Anupam finds them useful but limiting in nature and believe in holistic healing methods by right living and using mantra vidya (sounda phonetics) in a positive way.

Bansilal M Jumaani
He is in the list of good astrologers in India (or good Indian Astrologers). He was born in Karachi (now in Pakistan). His family migrated to Bombay during the partition. An erstwhile finance broker He started dabbling in numerology as a hobby, soon this hobby turned into a passion, he read more than 200 books, a priest at the Sitladevi temple near four bungalows, Andheri (Bombay- India) guided him with various scriptures. Family disputes and the burden of marrying off two daughters ensured that Numerology remained a hobby, for if branded as a “Jyotishi” (Soothsayer) he would have problems in marrying off his daughters. He has been a student of Numerology for over 30 years and was quite popular in his friend circle, on who he experimented to perfect his unique method.

The turning point in his career came when he managed to get a message across to a famous filmstar who had been jailed “I told them if they brought up the case for hearing on a particular day, he would be able to walk free. They heeded my advice and the rest is history. A film distributor and friend Farahad Nathani tested him by giving him film titles a few days before the film release and asked him to predict the results, when satisfied he gave the title “Kaho Naa Pyaar Hai” Jumaani added two extra A’s and the rest is history.

He (professional astrologer of India) is assisted by his son at his Mumbai office. His daughter heads the Pune office of the Jumaanies.

Sanjay B Jumaani
He is one of the great astrologers in India (or India's top astrologers). He struggled in his sales job for 17 years, (he started working at 14, alongside doing Junior college) and could barely make two ends meet. Despite completing targets the rewards would be taken by others. Finally, frustrated with this, he decided to consult his father and was advised to use Sanjay Jumaani instead of Sanjay Jumani. What followed in the next 6 months was a roller-coaster change, as the vibrations of his new name made him chuck his job as a marketing executive of seventeen years to take a plunge into the world of numerology. He is successfully handling his father’s profession and is also in the limelight for all his remarkable predictions; he has been instrumental in changing a lot of people’s destiny by altering the spellings in their names and surnames.

It has been over 8 years since, and He has broken new frontiers by launching this web site. He had a one hour weekly programme on a radio channel, Radio City 91 FM, which was broadcasted for over two years, and also he had a show on Radio Mirchi in Mumbai, which was successfully broadcast every Monday for 2 years. He hosted a 30 minute TV show called Bolien Ssitare on Sahara One’s which was an instant success. He is the only Numerologist in the world to predict a "TIE" in a one day cricket match between India and Srilanka some years ago. ("Radio City 91FM")’

He (psychic reader) recalls one of his memorable clients – a childless couple. “We found that their names were not in harmony with each other. So we changed their names and advised them about the colour they should use, - and you wouldn’t believe, they had a child in a year’s time. That has been the most satisfying moment of our career”. Smiles Sanjay.

His views are highly respected and appear in various leading newspapers from time to time. When Salman Khan was in trouble due to his alleged involvement in an accident and his exploits in Rajasthan, He through his raido programme predicted that misfortune plagued him due to his preference for black colour, which does not suit his number 9. He suggested him to wear blue, green and beige colours, which would solve his problems. On his mothers perusal Salman wore Blue jeans and white shirt, after which his bail plea was finally accepted. “Colour plays an important role in the fortunes of a person” says Sanjay.

He (Famous Indian Astrologers) whose name comes in the list of most famous astrologers in India also writes columns for leading publications like Times Of India, Filmfare, Ananda Bazar Ptrika (No 1 Bengali newspaper in the east). Tathaastu , a U.S based magazine & does a radio pragramme for Dubai as well as Mumbai.

Sunita Menon
She is a good clairvoyant, psychic reader, healer, tarot card reader, counsellor, future teller, fortune teller, one of the expert Indian astrologers and one of the most famous astrologers in world. She uses the insight and abilities she’s developed to help her clients lead more fulfilling lives, with more personal understanding and foresight. According to her our future is our own to shape and mould, as we desire. We all have the magical gift of being psychics but how many of us have the power of concentration to develop it?

She had an uncle who was a practising astrologer. She used to sit with him. He taught her a lot about kundli and astrology. It was a south Indian system. She learnt it but never really thought she would use it. She always treated it more as a hobby and was always very hush about it.

Maa Prem Usha
She (Top Indian Astrologers) is a well known, leading, eminent Indian astrologer (Tarot consultant), one of the top most astrologers in India and ha been reading Tarot cards at the ITC Maurya Sheraton Hotel, New Delhi, for more than 20 years. She ha been interviewed and written about in several national and international magazines and periodicals. She is a celebrity astrologers in India who has contributed to major websites and continues to write regular columns for leading periodicals and magazines on various subjects like politics, fashion, health, food, spirituality, children, men and women, giving insights, direction, prediction and counseling.

She (Top 10 astrologers in India) has been doing live shows and giving television interviews also on national and international channels. A sanyasin initiated by Osho 30 years ago, her clientele consists of people from all walks of life from all over the world. She reads cards, predicts, counsels and heals people by conducting individual as well as group readings.

Swetta Jumaani
Her name also comes in the list of renowned astrologers in India and one of the topmost Indian astrologers in the world. She future teller, comes from the famous Jumaani family. An ardent fan of her father, the Eminent Numerologist Bansilal, She keenly studied this occult science of numerology under his competent guidance. Her brother Sanjay too is also a world famous Numerologist. Being a number two person (Two is the number of the Moon) She was keenly interested in this science right from her childhood, and in her own amateurish way used to advise her close friends and relatives, even at that time. Swetta’s interest soon turned into to a hobby which she continued, even after marriage (She married a Military man), the difference now was that every 3 to 4 years she had to change the place of her residence, this was a boon in disguise as she got a chance to experience the various cultures of our country, She practiced numerology as a hobby wherever she went. She has finally settled down to the numerological lucky city of Pune. And it was here that she took a plunge professionally in the family tradition.

She (India's best astrologer) inaugurated her office in Pune on the 6th of Jul 2003. She created some major ripples when her very first prediction on Aug 24 2003, regarding the effects of the planet Mars as it moves closer to the earth, rang true ‘word by word’.

She has been making predictions every year since 2004, most of which have come true, including Pune coming on the world map and its progress in various fields, besides a host of other predictions concerning various stars and sports personalities.

She (India's famous astrologer) had her own show on the ever popular Radio Mirchi, aptly named A Date with your fate. All India radio too used to broadcast her popular program ‘Naam mein kya hai?-Sabkucch’ every week. She is also on 94.3 Radio ONE. Monday to Friday morning from 6 to 7 am.

The popular Marathi daily newspaper ‘Lokmat’ which is published from 13 districts in Maharashtra, carried a weekly column on Numerology for three years every Sunday which was penned by She (fortune teller). She has been regularly coming on TV channels such as SONY TV, ZEE News, Janmat, India TV, SAB TV, Sahara NCR, Star Maza, Mi marathi and so on. She has traveled to places such as Dubai, Delhi, Kolkata, Bangalore, Kolhapur, Aurangabad, Nasik and Nagpur for spreading the benefits of Numerology and consulting people.

She (Best Indian Astrologers) at present stars in a half hour show on numerology which is aired every sunday by the popular marathi channel ‘Mi Marathi’ at 9 am. She writes a column for the daily local newspaper Maharashtra Herald (Now Sakal Times) and the weekly tabloid ‘Intelligent Pune’. She also has a weekly show on radio city Surat (Gujurat).

She heads the Pune office of the Jumaanies. She has been advising numerous famous and well known personalities, builders, politicians and industrialists along with a large number of ordinary people.