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*** Fast Track / Intensive / Express ASTROLOGY COURSE available for foreign nationals ***

*** Astrology Course also available in Haridwar & Rishikesh ***

Predictive Jyotish Astrology Course (or Vedic Horoscope Reading Course) is available in English and Hindi language from Dr.A.S.Kalra (Astrology Teacher/Trainer in India) in Delhi, Haridwar and Rishikesh, India. This course is available in fast track as well as slow track mode. Along with Indians, foreign nationals visiting India can also apply for this course. It is one of the top or best Astrology Institute in India/World. So far students from Europe, South Africa, Vietnam, Malaysia, Japan and Pakistan have learnt Astrology from Dr.A.S.Kalra.

Students who have learnt Horoscope Astrology from Dr. A.S. Kalra can do Horoscope Reading, Birth Chart (Natal Chart) Reading successfully and have pursued it as a full time profession or are practicing it on a part-time basis for the welfare of others. If an unemployed person plans to practice horoscope reading on a full-time basis then education of Vedic Astrology can help him/her in earning money. Even an employed middle class person can practice Indian Astrology on a part-time basis & can earn something extra besides his regular income, which will help him in this time of inflation. Also profession of Horoscope Astrology is a respectable profession (if a person practices it with honesty) as it involves welfare of the mankind. One can also do it on a hobby basis.

Some of the students from outside India who've done Vedic Astrology Course in India from Dr.A.S.Kalra: -
S.No.StudentCountryAddressPlace of learning Astrology in India
1Ms Sharita Singh MadhavSouth AfricaSandton. Johannesburg, South AfricaLord Curzon Club Lounge, 9th floor, Hotel THE ROYAL PLAZA, Ashoka Road, New Delhi, India
2Dr Aliya AftabPakistanMain Gulberg Road, near SherPao Bridge, Lahore, PakistanVaishali, Delhi NCR, India
3Steven PadayacheeSouth AfricaPinetown, Durban, Kwa - Zulu Natal, South Africa - 4000Hotel Broadway, Asaf Ali Road, Delhi, India
4Tran Hai DuongVietnamTrong Tan, Dinh Cong, Hoang Mai, Ha Noi, VietnamVaishali, Delhi-NCR, India
5Walter BaroffioSwitzerlandLa-Chaux-de-faunds, 2300 Switzerland, Swiss FederationVedic Astrolgy Centre, Shivalik Nagar, Haridwar, India
Lakshman Jhula, Rishikesh, India
6Alexandra BabrovikEstoniaTallinn, Estonia - 13816 (Europe)Parmarth Niketan Ashram, Rishikesh, India
7Yuki SuzukiJapanChoushi, Yamanshi prefecture, JapanVaishali, Delhi-NCR, India

Regular Vedic Jyotish Astrology Course in Delhi / Haridwar / Rishikesh, INDIA

A student from South Africa taking Astrology lessons from Dr.A.S.Kalra Regular Vedic Astrology Courses are of two types: - (i) Slow Track Vedic Astrology Course & (ii) Fast Track Vedic Astrology Course.

(i) Slow Track Vedic Astrology Course is of 6 months duration in which lectures are delivered on a weekly basis & one lecture is of two hours duration. Students who are residents of Delhi or NCR (Noida, Ghaziabad, Gurgaon & Faridabad) or Haridwar and Rishikesh (India) can opt for this course.

(ii) Fast Track Vedic Astrology Course is basically meant for foreigners or those students who live far away from Delhi, Haridwar and Rishikesh & can't stay for long in the city & wish to complete the Predictive Astrology Course fastly. In a Fast Track Vedic Astrology Course, a student is delivered one lecture daily or one lecture every 2 or 3 days depending upon the duration of the stay of the foreigner in India. One lecture is of two hours duration. In about 20 lectures course can be completed. Out of these 20 lectures within first 6 lectures fundamental part (basic concepts or theory) of the Astrology gets completed. After that a test is conducted.

If the student passes the written test then he/she is moved on to part-ii of the course which involves Astrology training on horoscope reading which usually gets completed in 13 lectures. If student is unable to pass the test then he/she is asked to prepare for the test again and a second test is conducted. There is no hostel facility available at this Vedic Astrology School in India, so a student has to make his own arrangements for boarding & lodging in some hotel or guest house.

Regular tests are also conducted to measure strengths & weaknesses of the students & a Certificate or Diploma is also awarded to the students after the successful completion of the course. According to career counsellor Praveen Malhotra, a certificate issued by an established astrologer is considered to be valid for practising Astrology. In this Hindu Astrology Course, emphasis is laid upon the Predictive Astrology & students are trained on reading / analyzing horoscopes / birth charts. This Vedic Astrology Course can be broadly divided into two parts: -

It covers essential fundamentals of Vedic Astrology or Jyotish & a written as well as oral test is taken at the end. Students who secure 80% marks or more are allowed to move on to the part-ii of the course.

In this part of Indian Astrology Studies, various case studies are taken, method of analyzing horoscopes is taught & a method of conducting research on Astrology is taught to the students. A research on an independent level is essential in learning Predictive Astrology because its purely a research based subject. Students are also provided training on how to establish themselves a professional astrologer, code of conduct for an astrologer, how to deal with clients, how to gather birth details & how to adopt a Scientific approach while practicing Astrology. A certificate is also provided to students after the successful completion of the course.

After this Sidereal Astrology Course is over & if a student is able to clear the tests, he/she is asked to conduct a research work on about 500 horoscopes of various people including his family members, relatives, friends, neighbours & colleagues. A file is to be maintained for this research. Method of research is taught during the training. Certificate is provided only to those students who conduct the research work successfully. Research doesn't necessarily involves discovering anything new but its basically a practice to analyze horoscopes.

To read some of the notes developed by Astrologer (Jyotish Acharya or Jyotish Guru) Dr. A.S. Kalra (Astrology Tutor in Delhi India), kindly read Indian Astrology page, where you will find plenty of hyperlinked topics on Vedic Astrology (or Jyotish).

Dr Aliya Aftab from Lahore Pakistan learning Astrology in the Vaishali (Delhi NCR) chamber of Dr.A.S.Kalra Alexandra Babrovick, Astrology from Tallinn, Estonia, Europe. She took Astrology Lessons from Dr.A.S.Kalra @ Parmarth Niketan Ashram, Rishikesh. A_student_(Walter_Baroffio)_from_Switzerland_(Europe)_doing_Astrology_Course_from_Dr_A_S_kalra

Dr.A.S.Kalra has now also planned to conduct online astrology courses for people who can't visit Delhi, India to learn Astrology or Jyotish from Dr.A.S.Kalra by meeting him in person. Actually he has been receiving requests in the past from various people world over residing in other countries for providing online classes in Indian Vedic Astrology (Horoscope Reading). So keeping those people in mind he has planned to deliver Astrology Courses online via Skype. In this online Astrology training program he has planned to deliver one lecture of two hours duration every week and there will be a total of 20 lectures. Students can pay fee on per lecture basis before the beginning of every lecture through net banking or Paypal.

Fee per lecture per student (for a lecture of 2 hours duration): -

Steven Padayachee from Durban, South Africa. He took Astrology lessons from Dr.A.S.Kalra in mid 2011 at Hotel Broadway, Asaf Ali Road, Delhi Indian Rs.***/- per lecture per student (in chamber of Dr.A.S.Kalra). One lecture will be of 2 hours duration.

Note(1): - Rs.***/- per lecture per student (for a lecture of 2 hours duration) will be charged in case Dr.A.S.Kalra will be visiting your place of stay in Delhi or Delhi NCR.

Note(2): - If you would like to go for two lectures per day then it would also be possible subject to the availability of Dr.A.S.Kalra.

Note(3): - If you are a resident of some other country who want to visit India to learn Astrology from Dr.A.S.Kalra but are facing problem in procuring an Indian Visa then we can send you an invitation letter to join Astrology course by Dr.A.S.Kalra which will help you in procuring an Indian Visa for which a fee of US$100 will be charged from you. (Note: - After obtaining an invitation letter from us if you visit India and you don't join the Astrology course then a complaint will be sent to the Indian embassy in your country and also to the embassy of your country in India to look into the matter.)

If you want to enquire regarding Regular Predictive Astrology Course (or Online Astrology Course) from Dr. A.S. Kalra (Teacher of Astrology in New Delhi NCR India), then kindly send us an email at the email id mentioned in the Contact Us page of ths site. Also mention the name of the city in which you are currently residing.

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A student (Tran Hai Duong) from Vietnam doing Astrology Course in Delhi NCR, India, from Dr AS Kalra Astrologer A student (Tran Hai Duong) from Vietnam learning Vedic Astrology in Delhi NCR, India, from Dr AS Kalra Astrologer

Inputs required to become Astrology student of Dr.A.S.Kalra

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Syllabus of Astrology Course

Working Principle of Astrology Use of Astrology Misconception regarding Astrology Various Issues of Life & Astrology
Parts of Astrology Ganit Jyotish Phalit Jyotish Relative Motion in Astrology
Zodiac Signs or Rashis Planets or Grihas Constellations or Nakshatras Retrograde Planets or Vakriya Grihas
Aast Grihas or Set Planets Zodiac Signs & their lord planets Zodiac Signs & Uchcha Grihas Zodiac Signs & Neech Grihas
Ayanansha or Ayanamsha Dinmaan / Dinman Ratrimaan / Ratriman Ishtkaal / Ishtkal
Vikrami Samvat Year Shakey Samvat Year Solar Transition or Saur Sankranti Saayan Surya in Jyotish
Niryan Surya in Astrology Sandhigat Grihas in Astrology Solar Month or Saur Maas Lunar Month or Chandra Maas
12 Indian / Desi Months Paksha or Fortnight Shukla Paksh Krishna Paksh
Aadhik Maas in Jyotish Kshaya Maas in Jyotish Time taken by a planet to travel a zodiac Angular Velocity of Earth
Kshitij or Horizon Lagna or Ascension Janma Lagna or Birth Sign Chandra Rashi or Moon Sign
Saayan Surya Rashi or Sun Sign Nakshatra of a person What is Panchang? How to read a panchang?
Constellations & their lord planets Nomenclature of Indian month Uttarayana in Jyotish Dakshinayana in Jyotish
Uttar Gol in Jyotish Dakshin Gol in Jyotish 6 Seasons or Ritus in India Rising time of a zodiac sign
Colours of planets Dikbal of planets Stones or Gems related to planets Vinshottari Mahadasha Antardasha of planets
Span of Mahadashas of planets Sequence of Mahadashas of planets Manglik Dosha in Jyotish Gandmool Dosha in Jyotish
Kaal Sarpa Dosha in Jyotish Tithi in Jyotish Yog in Jyotish Karan in Jyotish
Panchak in Jyotish What is Horoscope? What is Birth Chart or Lagna Kundli? What is Chandra Kundli or Moon Chart?
What is Surya Kundli or Sun Chart? What is Sudarshan Chakra? What is Sadhesati of Shani? What is Dhaiya of Shani?
Rahu Kaalam in South Indian Astrology Disha Shool or Disha Shul Sarvarth Siddha Muhurtas Astrology & Festivals
Lagna Kundli & directions Birth Chart & different houses How to represent Aamaavasya? How to represent Poornima?
Representing Solar Eclipse Representing Lunar Eclipse Chandra Bal (Powers of Moon) How to traverse houses in chart?
Maximum distance of Budh from Sun Maximum distance of Shukra from Sun Visions of planets Relationship between planets
Sthaan Parivartan Yog between Grihas Drishti Sambandh between Grihas Yuti Sambandh or Yog Sambandh Uni-directional Yuti Sambandh
Bi-directional Yuti Sambandh Kendra Sthaans in birth chart Trikon Sthaans in Janma Kundli Panfar Sthaans in Chart
Aapoklim Sthaans in Chart Enemity & friendship between planets Roles of planets Gajkesari Yog
Shash Yog of Shani Ruchak Yog of Mangal Hans Yog of Guru or Brihaspati Bhadra Yog of Budh
Malavya Yog of Shukra Kemdrum Yog of Chandra How to analyze a horoscope? Case Studies

Sample Test Paper (Vedic Astrology Course)

Q#1Can Moon become retrograde? Kya Chandra kabhi vakriya hota hai?
Q#2Which planet neither becomes retrograde nor becomes combust?
Q#3From which Hindi word 'Jyotish' word has been derived? What does Jyotish mean?
Q#4How many degrees are there in a constellation?
Q#5What do you mean by Sankranti or Transition? What is Saur Sankranti or Solar Transition?
Q#6How much approximate time Guru or Jupiter takes in transitting through a zodiac?
Q#7Which planet is uchcha or exalted on zodiac no. 7 ?
Q#8Which planet is neech or debilitated on zodiac no. 11 ?
Q#9Which planet is uchcha or exalted on zodiac no. 8 ?
Q#10Which planet is uchcha or exalted on zodiac no. 4 ?
Q#11Which planet is svagrahi on zodiac no. 4 ?
Q#12Which planet is svagrahi on zodiac no.10 ?
Q#13What do you mean by 'Ayanansh' or 'Ayanamsha'? At present what is the approximate value of 'Ayanansh'?
Q#14How many 'Ghatis' are there in 4 hours?
Q#15What do you mean by 'Ishtkaal'?
Q#16What is the base of the nomenclature of an Indian Month (or Desi Month)? State with appropriate examples.
Q#17What do you mean by a 'Chandra Maas' or Lunar Month? How many types of Chandra Maas or Lunar Months are there? What are those types?
Q#18What do you mean by a Pratipada Tithi?
Q#19What do you mean by a Saur Maas or a Solar Month?
Q#20On 28th of September every year, Niryan Surya (or Sidereal Sun) would be travelling from which zodiac? Tell without the aid of any panchang or a computer software.
Q#21What do you mean by Lagna or ascension?
Q#22What was the lagna today at the time of Sun rise?
Q#23Which four directions are depicted in a Lagna Kundli? Can we depict North & South directions in a chart?
Q#24What is the difference between Sidereal Sun (Niryan Surya) & Tropical Sun (Saayan Surya)?
Q#25In which direction Shukra is called as Dikbali? This way in which house of the birth chart it becomes dikbali?
Q#26If we make a Lagna Kundli on any day, at any place, at the time of Sun set then in which house of the chart Sun will appear?
Q#27Which direction is depicted by the tenth house of a lagna kundli?
Q#28What do you mean by Uttaraayan?
Q#29In which zodiac Sun enters on the Indian festival of Baisakhi?
Q#30How much approximate time a zodiac sign takes in rising from the east direction?
Q#31If Sidereal Sun (Niryan Surya) is transitting through the sign of Scorpio any time then what will be the range of the months? It means it will be the time from mid of which month to mid of which next month?
Q#32Through which six zodiac signs Sun transits one after another during Dakshinayana?
Q#33What is the span of Rahu Mahadasha?
Q#34Mahadasha of which planet will be there at the time of birth of a person? What is the logic to find this? (Note: - Name of the planet is not to be mentioned)
Q#35What we try to find out from the third house of the birth chart?
Q#36What will the 'Chandra Bal' on Diwali day?
Q#37What will the 'Chandra Bal' on the day of any Solar Eclipse?
Q#38If Sun is present 'Uchcha' in the seventh house of a birth chart then what zodiac sign would be there in the third house of the birth chart?
Q#39In which rashi Guru becomes Neech?
Q#40In which rashi Shani becomes Neech?
Q#41What is the lord planet of the zodiac sign, on which Budh is Neech.
Q#42What is the lord planet of the zodiac sign on which Guru is Svarashisth.
Q#43What is the lord planet of the zodiac sign on which Surya is Neech?
Q#44State different types of motions of Earth.
Q#45Which planet is considered as responsible for the state of mind of a person? Mann ka kaarak griha kaun sa hota hai?
Q#46What we try to interpret from the seventh house of a birth chart?
Q#47Which four houses are termed as 'Kendra' in Jyotish?
Q#48Which Indian sage has contributed maximum in the predictive part of Indian Vedic Astrology?
Q#49In which houses of the birth chart, presence of Mangal, makes a person 'Manglik', according to the so called pandits?
Q#50If Sun is present in the lagna of a birth chart of a person than what will be the estimate time of his birth or what time of the day it would be?
Q#51What would be the power of moon (Chandra Bal) in the natal chart given below?

Q#52Which celestial event is being depicted by the chart given below?

Q#53Which planets have exchanged zodiacs in the chart given below?

Q#54Which planets are watching each other in the chart given below?

Q#55Try to find out the planets which are: - exalted, debilitated and present in their own sign in the chart given below.

Q#56Chart given below is an impossible chart. Point out the mistakes present in this chart.

Envelope bearing postage stamp of SWISS POST in which a letter of appreciation from Astrology student Mr. Walter Baroffio of Croix Federale, La-Chaux-de-Faunds, Switzerland was received by Dr.A.S.Kalra in April 2011 (at the then address of VEDIC ASTROLOGY CENTRE, Haridwar)


Back side of the envelope (bearing the Switzerland address of Astrology student Mr. Walter Baroffio) in which a letter of appreciation was received by Dr.A.S.Kalra in April 2011 (at the then address of VEDIC ASTROLOGY CENTRE, Haridwar)


A letter of appreciation received by Dr.A.S.Kalra in April 2011 (at the then address of VEDIC ASTROLOGY CENTRE, Haridwar) from ex-Astrology student Mr. Walter Baroffio after he reached back home in Switzerland


Certificate issued to Astrology student Tran Hai Duong from Ha Noi, Vietnam on completion of the course

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