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How to read Kundli for career

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How to read Kundli for career /
How to read Kundli for marriage

How to read Kundli for marriage & career etc.: -

Check the accuracy of birth details: -

To read a kundli or horoscope first of all check whether inputs (date, month, year, time & place of birth) supplied by the client are correct or not. We should ask the client where the person concerned was born (it means either in some hospital or at home & if at home then which people recorded his/her birth details. It is very essential because if wrong birth details are entered in calculations then wrong birth charts & wrong vedic horoscopes will be generated which will result in wrong interpretations & wrong predictions. Kindly go through the following webpage to know what inputs should be taken from a client: - Inputs required by email

Check the power of planets: -

After generating janma kundli & janma patri, check degrees of ascendant or lagna as well as planets. Planets or Grihas having 0 or 29 degrees will be considered to be on the boundary of two zodiac signs getting reduced in power. If ascendant or lagan is on 0 or 29 degrees then it'll have to be determined by checking characteristics of the person concerned which zodiac sign will serve as ascendant. Also in such a case time of birth as well as place of birth will have to be recorded more precisely.

Now check the power of Moon (phase of Moon) in the lagna kundli by checking how many houses apart it is present from the Sun. If it is present more than 4 houses apart from Sun then it'll be considered to be in good power. If it is present 4 houses apart from Sun then it'll be considered as of average power. if it is present less than 4 houses apart from Sun then it'll be considered as of less power. Here the point to be noted down is Moon can't go more than 7 houses apart from the Sun. If it is 7 houses apart from the Sun it'll be 'Full Moon' (nearly 100% in phase). If it is 4 houses apart then it'll be nearly 50% in phase. If it is only one house apart then it'll be nearly 0% in phase.

Now check which planets are present retrograde or 'vakriya' & combust or 'aast' in the indian birth chart. Mercury if combust will not be taken seriously because its closest to the Sun & is often present combust.

Check which planets are present in their own zodiac sign in the natal chart, which planets are present uchcha (exalted), which planets are present neecha (debilitated), which planets are present in the sign of friend planets & which on the sign of enemy planets.

Now check which planets are 'Dikbali' (hold power due to their presence in particular direction) in janma patri. Jupiter & Mercury are 'Dikbali' in 1st house, Surya & Mars 'Dikbali' in 10th house, Moon & Venus 'Dikbali' in 4th house & Saturn is considered 'Dikbali' in 7th house. But while analyzing Saturn as 'Dikabali' don't forget that 7th house is the house of marriage, married life, love life & is quite sensitive. Saturn may even harm 7th house in spite of being 'Dikbali'.

Now calculate what would be the age of the person concerned at present (which means at the time of analyzing horoscope). Pay attention to the Mahadashas & Antardashas of planets. As far as understanding of Mahadashas & Antardashas is concerned then it is mainly learned through experience as we deal with more and more clients. In the beginning of our career as an astrologer we should work for free for about one or two years so that more and more people come to us and which also helps us in attaining some publicity. Our knowledge increases as we deal with more and more clients because while dealing with clients they narrate what incidents happened in some specific time intervals in the past tense of their lives which help us to correlate those events with dashas going on in their lives in those time intervals. We also pay attention to the position or condition of the planets of antardashas & mahadashas in their charts.

How to analyze a house in an Indian Vedic Horoscope Chart?

Pay attention to what is the zodiac sign present in that house & where its lord planet is present in the chart (it means in which house & on which zodiac sign). Which planets are accompanying this lord planet & which planets are watching it. Also pay attention to which planets are present in the house under consideration. Which planets are watching this house under consideration.

Now check which planets have exchanged zodiac signs in the lagan or janam kundali, which planets are present collectively in a house, which planets are watching other planets & which planets are watching each other. Check for presence of any 'Rajyog' in the birth chart.

Best way to learn Astrology is to collect birth details of various persons around us (like our family members, relatives, friends, neighbours, colleagues or any other people we meet in our daily lives) & generate their horoscopes using any good Astrology software & prepare their horoscopes on paper for which we should keep a long register with us. We should try to analyze their horoscopes & also pay attention to the events of their lives as well as characterstics of those people.

Learning reading horoscopes takes time & can't be done in one go. The more horoscopes we analyze the more we learn & there is no limit of learning in this subject. Every Astrology student should try to understand translation of the book 'Laghu Parashari' written by Sage Parashara which comprises of 42 'Shlokas'.

Note: - To know more kindly read other topics available in this Astrology site (explore this Astrology website thoroughly!). Also see Horoscope of Sh. Amitabh Bachchan & its analysis available in this site.

How to read Kundli for marriage / How to read Horoscope for marriage: -

According to Dr.A.S.Kalra, by doing horoscope matching (or horoscope compatibility for marriage) we can't guarantee to alter the destiny of the person concerned completely regarding married life, family life and childbirth. However we can only try to improve it up to such extent. If the destiny of the perosn concerned is observed to be good from the point of views of married life, family life and childbirth then that is fine. But even in that case checking of the horoscope of alliance is essential because the person concerned may has to suffer after the marriage due to the weakness of planets of the life partner. But if the planets of the client are coming out to be weak from the point of views of married life, family life and childbirth after doing analysis of his chart then we'll not be able to alter his/her destiny completely but we can only try to improve it by finding right alliance for him/her. But even in that case it has been observed that if a right alliance is found by the astrologer then the client may reject it because the alliance is not found to be physically appealing or the alliance may reject the client or both may reject each other. Usually it has been observed that altering destiny of a client is not that easy and can't take place without the bounty of the God.

Frauds or mistakes by other party: - Also it has been observed that some time while doing matching of horoscopes the other party provides wrong birth details to hide the age of their son or daughter or in actual their birth details were not recorded properly at the time of their birth. In such a case astrologer can't do anything because after all he/she has to work only on the basis of the birth details of the alliance provided by the client. Sometimes other party also goes to some astrologer in an order to alter the birth details of their bachelor boy or girl in such a way so as to improve the planetary postions in their charts in such a way so that nobody can say no while considering their marriage proposal (lagna kundli matching or janam kundali matching). In such cases astrologers are also offered some extra amount of money for doing this dishonesty. This is being mentioned here because in past Dr.A.S.Kalra has himself received such requests many times from some clients where he simply and bluntly refused to work for such clients.

As far as checking of a proposal or alliance (match) for marriage of some client is concerned (which is usually called as Janampatri matching or Janampatrika Milan), Dr.A.S.Kalra doesn't lays any emphasis on 36-Goon Milan (or 36-Guna Milan), Manglik Yoga, Nadi Dosha, Gana Dosha & Bhakut Dosha. According to Dr.A.S.Kalra instead of checking a proposal in this conventional way (which is actually a deep rooted superstition in Indian society) its better to analyze charts of both male & female from various point of views like married life, family life, childbirth, temperament, nature and behaviour etc.

But unfortunately if some families believe in these concepts strongly and these deep rooted superstitions are present in their minds strongly since their early childhood (due to their elders practicing such concepts) then they will have no other choice but to use these concepts while doing compatibility analysis before marriage because otherwise they'll always remain in some fear that something wrong is going to take place after marriage and if something wrong actually take place after marriage due to some other astrological reasons or logics (like weakness in house of marriage, house of family life and house of childbirth as well as their lord planets or/and weakness of Venus in the chart of the husband or/and weakness of Mars in the chart of wife or/and due to dasha of some bad planet in the lives of any of the two) then in such a case such gullible people will blame it directly to Guna issue or Manglik issue or Bhakut issue or Gana issue or Nadi issue or they'll blame that the marriage was not done at right Muhurata. So we can't eradicate these deep rooted superstitons from the minds of such people. Even many celebrities in India have these deep rooted superstitions present in their minds.

It can be a matter of chance only that some marriage ending up in a bitter divorce is having Manglik issue or Goon issue present in the charts of husband and wife. Actually the problem is present in the seventh house (house responsible for marriage and married life) or/and its lord planet or/and second house (house responsible for overall family life) or/and its lord planet or/and bad condition of Venus in the chart of husband or/and bad condition of Mars in the chart of wife. If problem is being observed regarding childbirth after marriage then it is not due to Nadi Dosha but actually it is due to the presence of fifth house (house responsible for childbirth or children) or/and its lord planet in some malefic influence.

According to Dr.A.S.Kalra charts of both the client as well as alliance have to be analyzed from the following point of views: -

Seventh house (house responsible for love life and married life) and its lord planet should be analyzed.
Second house (house responsible for overall family life) should be analyzed.
Fifth house (house responsible for childbirth and children) should be analyzed.
Condition of Venus (responsible for women in a man's life) should be checked in the chart of boy or man.
Condition of Mars (responsible for men in a woman's life) should be checked in the chart of the girl or woman.
Condition of Mercury should be analyzed as condition of Mercury indicates about communication skills and patience level in a person.
Ongoing Antardashas and Mahadashas in the lives of both should be taken into consideration by analyzing their horoscopes. Because sometimes it has been observed that marriage done in dasha of some bad planet either in boy's or girl's life affects married life negatively. If charts of both are present in a good condition from the above mentioned point of views then automatically married life will be successful. However if charts of anyone or both are present weak from these point of views then naturally married life will be problematic. No one knows who gave concepts of 36-Goon Milan, Manglik Yoga, Nadi Dosha, Gana Dosha & Bhakut Dosha for birth chart compatibility (or birth chart love compatibility or birth chart marriage compatibility). These concepts are not part of ancient Indian Vedic Astrology and are not mentioned any where in Sage Parashara's scriptures (Note: - Sage Parashara is considered the father of predictive part of Indian Vedic Horoscope Astrology). In spite of doing a match using these concepts and tying a marital knot at some particular Muhurata, its seen quite often that marriages end up in a bitter divorce. If somebody wants to verify this then he should go straight to family court where cases of divorce are fought and he'll come to know the truth. So these concepts are not useful.

Horoscope matching is not all... marriage is the other name of a set of compromises and a successful married life requires patience on the part of both husband and wife. Problems do not decrease after marriage but problems as well as responsibilities increase after getting married. But still people marry because living alone is also not that easy for everybody. In India many marriages are made successful due to the fear of society (what others will say?) as well as due to the fear of hassles involved in legal proceedings of a divorce case. In most of the cases marriage proves to be THE END of any love story & its not the beginning of any love story actually.

There is no concept of divorce in Hindu or Sikh religions. According to these religions once a couple gets married only death can separate them apart. Concept of 'Talaaq' came into existence in India after Muslim rule taken place & concept of divorce came after English rule. In past some decades divorce has started taking place even in couples of Hindu or Sikh religions & in past two decades (since globalization has taken place in India) divorce rate has started increasing very rapidly... but its still less than 10% whereas in Western countries its more than 50%!!!... More the influence of western culture will come on Indian culture more will be the divorce rate in India. Success or failure of marriage also greatly depends upon mindset of both husband and wife. A western mindset of a husband or/and his wife will increase chances of divorce whereas an Indian mindset of a husband or/and his wife will increase chances of success of marriage. Astrology is not all.

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How to read Kundli for Career / How to read Horoscope for Career: -

If malefic planets like Saturn, Mars, Rahu, Ketu or Sun are associated with the 5th house (house of education) in a person's chart then such person is found to have a technical bent of mind & is seen to be performing well in some Technology related career. If Venus is associated with fifth house in kundli then a person is seen to be performing well in career related to Life Sciences or Pharmacy or Arts.

If Mercury is present in a strong condition in a chart then it gives good Communication skills, good Marketing ability & good Management skills. Person's having strong condition of Mercury in their charts can also plan to pursue Law or Commerce or Accounts as career or they can plan to start some business. Strong condition of Jupiter in a birth chart gives a person good teaching skills. For a good career growth tenth house & eleventh house as well as their lord planets should be present in a strong condition. If ninth house is also present in a good condition then it also helps a person greatly in achieving success.

Presence of many planets in 8th house in kundli makes a person's mind analytical & such people can think deeply over matters & can conduct a research work in some subject & the subject may not always be related to Science & Technology but it can be related to Arts also like Sh. Amitabh Bachchan Is having four planets in 8th house & he is a natural PhD in acting field. Similarly philosopher Osho Rajneesh was having six planets in eighth house of his chart.

In today's world for a good success in corporate world third house should also be present in a good condition. Third house in a chart is responsible for social contacts & friends. From third house ability to get along well with others is ascertained. People having good strength in third house of their chart maintain better relationship with their peers & boss & with subordinates which helps them to survive successfully in any organization & such people are not found to be getting affected much due to office politics or organizational politics. In today's world in spite of working hard and in spite of keeping a good knowledge of the subject & in spite of working honestly in a dedicated manner a person may observe hindrances in professional growth or career if he or she is vulnerable to organizational politics. Whereas some peole who do not work that harder or who do not have much knowledge of their subject or who do not work with much dedication are found to be achieving promotions rapidly because they maintain better relationship with their boss and they are good at handling office politics.

Persons having strong condition of third house can also try their luck in army or police as third house is related to courage. They can try their luck in politics if line of fate in palm of their hand turns towards mount of Jupiter after crossing mind line or heart line.

Thousands of years ago when Astrology came into existence in India there were hardly a dozen professions available. But in past two centuries since industrialization many other professions have emerged and in past more than 20 years since globalization every few years some new professions have been emerging & many more have yet to emerge in the time to come. Today if we try to make a list of various professions available in this world then it would be very tough for us to prepare such a list. People who ask from astrologers what would be the suitable profession for them do not know about each and every profession available in this world. Similarly the astrologers from whom such people ask this question also do not know about each and every profession present in this world. Today if some person visits ten different astrologers and asks such a question from them then chances are high that their answers would vary.

According to Dr.A.S.Kalra, twin brothers having same horoscopes are not found to be entering same or similar professions. By analyzing a person's horoscope any precise answer can't be given in this regard as in which profession a person would excel. An astrologer can only predict when a person would observe good time related to career growth or when a person can start some new business or an astrologer can stop a person from starting some new business in some bad time phase (which means dasha of some weak planet). Astrologers can advice whether a person can start some business in partnership or not.

According to Dr.A.S.Kalra destiny is highly powerful and when appropriate time phase would begin in a person's life destiny will automatically push that person in some suitable field. Its just like highly successful actors like Amitabh Bachchan or Shahrukh Khan didn't enter acting line on the advice of some astrologer but their destiny pushed them into that line when appropriate time phase began in their lives. Similarly Sachin Tendulkar didn't enter Cricket on the advice of some astrologer. Similarly other highly successful people of world like Dhirubhai Ambani, Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Albert Einstein, Thomas A Edison, Barack Obama, Lata Mageshkar and many others didn't enter their chosen career on the advice of some astrologer. That is also a matter of destiny that everybody cannot achieve that height in their career what these people have accomplished and through their horoscope no astrologer could predict it earlier that these people would achieve such heights in their lives. Now as they have achieved great heights in their career so it is easy for astrologers to make connections with their planetary positions but the point is no astrologer could predict it earlier when these people were nobody.

So the best solution is to leave it on time. Time will tell in which line a person will do well if doing well in some profession is present in his destiny. There are also many unfortunate people who cannot achieve success in any profession in their life time. Some people start achieving success in their career very late after completing 30 or 35 or 40 years of age. So its greatly a matter of destiny along with hard work.

Answer given to a client via email when he inquired regarding selection of some appropriate profession: -

Dear Sir,

When Vedic Astrology came into existence thousands of years back there were not available so many professions like which are available in modern times. In the past couple of centuries and moreover in the past some decades there have come up so many new professions in this world that today if we try to prepare a list of all available professions in this world then I don't feel it would be easy for us to prepare such a list. Moreover, highly successful people of this world never inquired from astrologers which particular profession would suit them but somehow their destiny pushed them to choose some particular profession or professions.

Today many billionaires are running businesses or industries simultaneously in multiple fields without asking astrologers.

Now let me tell you an interesting thing: - Inquiring from an astrologer what particular profession would be suitable obstructs creativity. Let me give you some examples, we know that Thomas Alva Edison invented the electric bulb. Now say if during Edison's childhood if his parents would have approached some astrologer then do you feel that that astrologer would have predicted that Edison was going to invent an electric bulb someday?... I don't feel so.

Similarly, so many inventions and so many discoveries have taken place in the past some centuries and no astrologer could predict them beforehand by seeing the horoscopes of those discoverers and inventors.

Similarly, another interesting example can be given. You would have heard about Facebook (related to social media on the internet). You would have heard about the young man who programmed it first (Mark Zuckerberg). Now if during Mark Zuckerberg's childhood his parents would have approached some astrologer in an order to know what profession was going to be suitable for him in his young age then do you feel any astrologer could have predicted that he was going to make social media site called Facebook someday? When Mark Zuckerberg took birth in the 1980's computers were in initial stages and the common public had not started using them by that time. There was no internet those days and there were no smart phones available and there was nothing like social media.

Now let me give you my own example. I studied Computer Engineering up to Master's level but I was never aware that someday my destiny would push me to become a fulltime astrologer. Similarly, India's present prime minister comes from a poor family and he was a tea seller in his childhood. No astrologer could predict it that someday he would become a prime minister of the country. Similarly, America's former president Abraham Lincoln was a poor man earlier. Similarly, you can find various such examples around you.

In this time of confusion I advise you to rely more upon your intuition and intelligence than inquiring it from some astrologer because Astrology has got its own limitations. It's just like earlier, many years back, you entered some profession in your young age and you worked in that specific profession for many years but you never inquired any astrologer before entering that profession. Somehow your destiny pushed you to choose that particular profession.

Today if you ask this question to 10 different astrologers that what particular profession would suit you in the time to come?... then I'm sure they would give you some answers (based upon their guess work) just in an order to prove themselves as intelligent and knowledgeable but I'm sure the answers of those 10 different astrologers would not be the same.

My answer is: - Rely upon your own intuition and use your intelligence and keep on thinking. But don't put too much pressure on your mind. Just wait and watch. As the time would progress it would come automatically to your mind that what particular profession you should start. I can only say that it's all the power of time that you are presently on the lines of a change in your profession (which was destined according to me). In past some years if you observed more struggle and losses then that was also destined and was the power of a negative time phase. It was happening automatically without your wishes which have created an outline today for a change in profession. Similarly if in the time to come some positive developments have to take place then they will surely take place. Flow of our life is like flow of river water. River water never knows in which new direction it will take a turn the very next moment. Just like in your young age you met a young girl with whom you fell in live and later on married to her and who became your wife but it was all natural (not planned).

So just wait and watch !

An open letter emailed to an Astrology student by Dr.A.S.Kalra

(after the student finished the course and went back to his country)

Dear Astrology Student,

You have absolutely no need to feel nervous about practising as an Astrologer. After all it was my promise to help you to establish yourself as an astrologer. So there is no need to worry. I'm going to tell you various techniques in this email: -

For next 6 months to one year, you'll have to start practising on weekends without charging any fee from anybody because you have to learn & to research. If you have time on weekdays in the evening then you can attend clients also on weekdays. First you have to earn some experience & then you can start charging fee.

While dealing with clients you'll notice that many clients will start telling their story (it means what happened in their past tense) and you'll have to correlate the events of their life with their mahadasha-antardasha & birth chart. Never start analyzing any chart on computer screen. It means you should use pen and paper along with your computer software. You should draw birth chart or better... entire horoscope of the client on a paper. You can use the horoscope format that I have developed for writing horoscopes on an A4 size paper. Remember the algorithm that I gave you for analyzing charts. You can read that webpage in my site.

In an order to show-off yourself as smart you should never do any horoscope in a hurry, instead it would be wise to take your time in analyzing horoscopes.

Calculate present age of the person concerned & then start analyzing mahadasha-antardasha from the time when the person concerned was 18-20 years of age. Every person of the world has some main or basic issues of life about which he or she wants to know, viz. education, career (job or business), love life, marriage, married life, childbirth, financial condition, property (land or/and house), materials assets & health issues etc.

Your clients will always serve as your teachers in some ways as you'll learn a lot from them. Listen to them carefully when they start speaking. Some of them will become sentimental while describing their sufferings or painful experiences of the past. You have to be a keen listener while dealing with clients.

After practising for free for about one year or after analyzing about 500 horoscopes you'll be able to launch yourself as a professional astrologer & you can start charging fee. Initially the fee should be less so that everyone can pay it easily. After that... every next year you can increase your fee. Like in India when I started practising as an astrologer, I used to charge Rs.50/- per horoscope in the beginning. Then after one year I hiked it from Rs.50/- to Rs.100/- per horoscope & then in 3rd year it became Rs.150/- per horoscope... and so on.

When you'll start charging fee you'll observe that there will be many smart clients who will instead of coming to you will try to inquire everything on phone. You'll have to deal with them smartly by saying that: - I'm very busy so kindly send your request via an email and when they send email, you can ask them to deposit fee in your bank account to know everything on phone or to come to your office to meet you in person after taking prior appointment.

In public places or in social gatherings you'll observe that some smart people will describe their chart orally to know your views on their chart (so that they don't have to spend money!). In such cases say politely that horoscope analysis is a very serious issue & it requires time & concentration. In such cases confuse those people by asking which planets are combust in their chart? Which planets are exalted? Which are on boundary?.... and you'll observe that they will not be able to answer many of such technical questions & then you can handover your visiting card to them & ask them to visit you in your chamber some day after taking a prior appointment.

Some people would discourage you by saying that they are not satisfied by your work. In such case never feel disheartened. Some clever or cunning people use such a statement (even if you have worked excellently!!!). They use such a statement in an order to discourage you so that you feel shy in charging fee. But never forget that when we go to some physician for treatment of some particular ailment then there is no guarantee that relief will come but physician will charge fee in advance (even if you feel dissatisfied at a later stage). If you go to visit a movie then you have to buy tickets in advance. After the movie finishes you may feel that it was not worth spending money on such a movie. But the money you spent on purchasing tickets will never be refunded to you. In any profession there are never 100% results. Same is the case with Astrology. You'll not be able to satisfy each & every client. It's just like many times even a superstar or a great film director gives movies which are not liked by many people and goes flop. Any famous sport person never performs excellently in each and every match he plays. Results always vary from time to time. If you'll be able to satisfy 6 to 8 people out of 10, then you can assume that you are successful.

If you ever feel some problem in analyzing any chart then you can ask the client to visit after 2-3 days. You can discuss such chart with me by sending an email. I'll always be willing to help you. I'll keep on mailing you from time to time to inquire your progress in the field of Astrology.

Astrologically Yours