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Live-in relationships in India &
Indian Culture vs Western Culture

Live-in relationships in India

Live-in relationships in India &
Western Culture vs Indian Culture

Regarding live-in relationships in India: -

Even in a country like India live-in relationships are seen now & even Supreme Court has given its permission for such relationships but the society is still against to such concept. Especially in metro towns couples are observed in a live-in relationship but the point is: - Majority of couples who are in such a relationship do it secretively without bringing it in the knowledge of their family or relatives. These couples are actually living far away from their hometowns in metro cities after completing their higher professional education. They live here for employment related reasons. Such couples may advocate their live-in relationship but the point is... still in a country like India they don't have guts to involve in their live-in relationship in their home towns in front of their family members. Only people of upper class are found to be involved in a live-in relationship very openly without the fear of the society and they also confess about their relationship in front of media also.

Comparison of Indian Culture with Western Culture: -

Regarding Indian Culture: -

According to Dr.A.S.Kalra, presently Indian culture is not completely Indian culture but it has become a mix of real Indian culture and Western culture. Majority of teenagers and youngsters of Indian subcontinent internally feel that western culture is better in many ways than Indian culture because it's easier to establish a sexual relation in that culture without getting married but in Indian culture it's not that easy! In western culture people are not sex starved and find many opportunities to have sex in their life time.

In Indian culture the condition of the society is: - A man and a woman can enjoy sex only if they are married to each other. But practically they can think of getting married only when both of the two or at least man should be financially independent so as to bear his own expenses as well as that of his wife and that of child or children that would take birth from their wedding.

But the problem is: -

In today's scenario youngsters have to spend many years in completing their higher education after completing their schooling and then it also takes some years in establishing themselves professionally. By that time they acquire the age of 25 or 26 or even more whereas hormonal changes start taking place in their bodies in the age of 13-14 which leaded to sex urge in them. But they have to suppress their desire to establish a sexual relation with a member of opposite sex because they are not eligible to marry. They can only relieve themselves by artificial means. They also develop curiosity to explore the body of a member of opposite sex so as to get an idea of its anatomy or for obtaining sexual gratification for which they rely on pornographic material available in some magazines or on the internet.

In India majority of people are getting married after completing the age of 27 or 28. But unfortunately some people due to their bad luck are getting married in the age of 32 or 35 years of age. Some other unfortunate people can not marry in a life time due to their bad luck. Many people who manage to get married start facing a lot of problems in their married life and family life due to which they can't enjoy their married life properly. It simply indicates that in a country like India or any other country of Indian subcontinent it's not that easy to enjoy sex so easily and moreover in a tension free manner.

Also many females do not get the courage to involve themselves in a sexual relation with some man so easily due to various fears like: - fear of getting pregnant, fear of insult in society and fear of blackmailing by the partner as these days some men while indulging in a physical relation with some woman make a video of the entire act using some movie camera and later on they start blackmailing that woman in various ways like putting the video on the internet or to spread it via MMSs on mobile phones and force them to become physical with them again and again or force them to become physical with their friends and it has been found out that some times they even force them to become call girls or prostitutes.

Regarding Western Culture: -

In western world children leave their parents after finishing their schooling in the age of 17-18 & start living separately. They continue their higher education and simultaneously start working on a part time basis so as to become financially independent. They have also the liberty to choose a partner of opposite sex with whom they can live without getting married and with whom they can have a sexual relationship also. Such relationships are called as live-in relationships. In western world it is not considered as wrong to establish sexual relation with someone without getting married to him/her. Couples in a live-in relationship can also give birth to a baby.

Some time aback Dr.A.S.Kalra provided consultation to a European woman in Rishikesh who was unmarried and was of the age 30 but she is the mother of 2 children & both of those children have different fathers! (Note: - In western world it's not considered as wrong for a woman to become mother without getting married!!!... but which is considered as wrong in most of the Asian countries.). She told that when she was in her graduation in 20 years of age she had a boy friend with whom she developed physical relation & she got pregnant & she delivered her first child. Sometime after the delivery of her first child her boy friend left her as he didn't want that child to have between them. After that she became friends with another man with whom she enjoyed physical relation & got pregnant in spite of using contraceptive pills. After the delivery of her second child her second boy friend also left her. Then she became friends with many other men one after another. Now her children are studying in schools & they don't know anything about their father.

In western world some mothers can not tell their child regarding their fathers because 9 months before the birth of that child that woman slept with many men one after another in various one night stands & now she just doesn't remembers out of those men who was the father of that child!

Once Dr.A.S.Kalra was giving consultation to another European woman and after analyzing her horoscope he told her that with in an year she should get married but she was not fortunate regarding married life and family life and chances of a successful married life would be less. She told Dr.Kalra that she doesn't want to marry at all because according to her she wants a new man in her life every 6 months as she starts feeling fed up by continuously living with one man!

Regarding Sex: -

There is no limit to sexual desire and this is the reason that in Indian philosophy it is termed as 'Vaasna' which means it's endless or infinite. Attraction between a male and a female is the trick of the Mother Nature so that a male and a female come close to each other... indulge in mating or sexual intercourse and then woman becomes pregnant so as to deliver a child and this way the world continue progressing. It can be understood very easily that a person can't get rid of sexual thoughts because after all he/she took birth in this world due to the activity of sexual intercourse between his/her parents & after 9 months of that activity he/she came in this world out of the vagina of his/her mother and then started sucking breast of their mother. So a person can't get rid of thinking of that activity and those organs from which his/her body was created and he/she took birth in this world.

In Hindu religion there is a provision to pray an idol of 'Shivling' (which means 'Ling' or penis of the Lord Shiva) by offering it milk in a temple which is considered as a symbol of creation of this world or universe. But if we see 'Shivling' carefully we'll observe that it's not only 'Shivling' but it's actually 'Shivling' inserted in the 'Yoni' or vagina of the Mother Parvati and actually it depicts an intercourse between the Lord Shiva and Mother Parvati. Provision of prayer of idol of 'Shivling' in Hindu temples is a clear indication that sex is something Godly and not sin provided it is done with an aim to give birth to a child.

Interesting facts: -

In India three forms of God are being considered in Hindu Mythology: - Lord Brahma, Lord Vishnu & Lord Shiva. Lord Brahma is considered as the creator of the universe, Lord Vishnu is considered as the feeder and Lord Shiva is considered as the destroyer.

Out of the temples of three forms of God mentioned above maximum temples are in the name of Lord Shiva (what we call in Hindi language 'Shiv Mandir'). But interestingly, rarely any temples in the name of Lord Brahma ('Brahma Mandir') and Lord Vishnu ('Vishnu Mandir') are seen. There are some temples in the name of Lord Rama and Lord Krishna both of whom are considered as reincarnations of Lord Vishnu.

This way Lord Brahma is not worshipped much when he is being considered as the creator.

There is a provision to worship penis of that form of God which is being considered as destroyer of the universe (which means penis of the Lord Shiva and what we call in Hindi language 'ShivLing') but interestingly there is no provision to worship penis of those forms of God which are being considered as the creator (Lord Brahma) and the feeder (Lord Vishnu) and what we can call in Hindi language 'BrahmaLing' & 'VishnuLing'.

Also when we say 'ShivLing' is worshipped in temples of India then its not correct because actually it's not 'ShivLing' which is being worshipped in the temples of India but that activity between Lord Shiva and Mother Parvati is being worshipped which is used for procreation. Procreation means that activity between a man and a woman which is responsible for giving birth to a child.

But interestingly that activity of procreation between Lord Brahma and Mother Saraswati is not being worshipped anywhere (when Lord Brahma is being considered as the creator).

Similarly that activity between Lord Vishnu & Mother Lakshmi is also not being worshipped anywhere (when Lord Vishnu is being considered as the feeder).

Activity of procreation between Lord Shiva and Mother Parvati is being worshipped when Lord Shiva is considered as destroyer. Which means activity of procreation of that form of God is being worshipped who is responsible for the destruction and not creation !!!

Hindu religion is considered as the oldest religion in the world and it's the only religion in the world in which activity of procreation is worshipped on a daily basis in temples and which means that activity of procreation is considered as divine.

Regarding endless sexual desire: -

It is heard that some centuries ago in a country like India there used to be kings or emperors who used to have more than one queen or some had 100 queens!!! But they could afford the expenses of so many queens as well as the children taking birth from those queens because they were not ordinary people but they were kings & they had plenty of wealth!!! But the point is they were not getting married to so many ladies simultaneously. They used to get married with one woman at a time & some months or some years after their marriage they would have started feeling bore of the queen's body & then they would have started searching some another lady for marriage or would have got attracted to some another charming lady. But this problem would have continued with them as even after getting married with second woman that king would have start feeling bore of her after some time & then started searching for some another lady... and so on... and this process continued for years & this way in their life time they got married to many women. It means such kings used to marry to new woman every 6 months or one year.

In western world majority of people live as single. In those countries there is nothing like purely arrange marriage & all marriages are love marriages but interestingly divorce rate is pretty high in those countries. In those countries majority of people go in for live-in relationships & many of them change their partners every 6 months or every year!!! It's because they start feeling bore of each other's bodies after spending some time in relationship. This is the reason that family values are less in those countries.

But the above analysis proves that love can happen more than one time as contrary to what was depicted in some Hindi movies that love happens only for once in a life time. Actually its not love but passion derived from the physical attributes of the person of opposite sex.