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Inputs required for astrological consultation

Inputs required for astrological consultation

Inputs required by email for providing
astrological consultation

Inputs required for providing Astrological Consultation: -

Note (1) : - You should email inputs only after seeking permission from Dr.A.S.Kalra via an email.

Note (2) : - You should copy the format given below in 'Notepad' or 'MS Word' or 'Wordpad' & then you should type all of the inputs required against every heading in CAPITAL LETTERS (BLOCK LETTERS), save the document in your own name on the hard disk of your system & email the completed document back.

Note (3) : - If you don't know how to copy this format in some text editor or word processing software then you can ask us to email you the format given below which you can forward us after filling entries. Alternatively you can take a print out (B/W or color) of this entire web page and write the inputs on the paper against every heading, scan the completed document, save it in pdf or jpg format and email it back.

Note (4) : - While filling the entries if you don't have any appropriate answer for some of the headings or if some headings are not applicable then you can leave them blank.

Note (5) : - Kindly type all entries in CAPITAL LETTERS (BLOCK LETTERS) (turn on the Caps Lock of your keyboard).

Note (6) : - The data you provide as well as your identity will be strictly kept confidential.

Note (7) : - After receipt of your inputs it may take some time in mailing you a response (depending upon the workload).

1. Name of the person concerned:

2. Relationship of the person concerned with you:

3. His/Her Sex:

4. His/Her Date of Birth:

(Note: - If the person concerned was born at night then kindly mention both dates i.e. date before midnight 0000hrs & date after midnight 0000hrs, because we all know that the date changes at midnight according to English system)

5. His/Her Month of Birth:

6. His/Her Year of Birth:

(Note: - It has been observed that some of the earlier clients provided wrong information regarding their year of birth which came into light when it was inquired (investigated) thoroughly from them. Some clients provided year of birth as mentioned in their educational mark sheets or educational certificates which was actually altered (increased) by them or their parents in an order to reduce their age so as to obtain some extra benefits regarding length of professional career. Some females provided wrong (increased) year of birth in an order to hide their actual age. Here you have to provide actual (real) year of birth and not the forged or fabricated one.)

7. His/Her Time of Birth (Hours: Minutes AM/PM):

(Note: - Persons born in India should give time of birth in IST(Indian Standard Time). Persons born outside India should give time of birth in the standard time of their country & we would appreciate it if they can provide time difference of the standard time of their country either from GMT(Greenwich Mean Time) or IST(Indian Standard Time). Kindly also mention whether Daylight Savings Time (DST) was applied or not.)

8. His/Her Place of Birth (Village/City, District, State, Country):

9. Your Present Location (City, District, State, Country):

10. How exactly you came to know about this site? If through some search engine like Google or Yahoo or Bing or Yandex or Alta Vista, then which keywords you typed in the search bar? Which search engine it was?

11. Your Name:

12. Your Mobile Number from which you'll make a call (along with country code):

13. Your Skype ID / Whatsapp No. (if you want to obtain consultation over Skype / WhatsApp):

(Note: - If you want astrological consultation on Skype / WhatsApp / Viber from inside Indian subcontinent then while obtaining consultation first you will have to make a call at Dr.Kalra's cell number from your phone after which he will ask you to come over Skype / WhatsApp / Viber. This measure has been taken in an order to confirm your physical presence inside Indian subcontinent.)

14. Your any other E-mail ID:

15. Language of verbal communication in which you wish to obtain Astrological Consultation: - (English / Hindi)

16. Language in which you wish to obtain Horoscope & Astrological Report: - (English / Hindi)

17. Was the time of birth of the person concerned recorded properly?... or it is just a rough estimation or a guess work?

18. There is absolutely no compulsion for you to furnish any proof of the time of birth but still can you furnish some proof of the time of birth? (Yes/No)

(Like if the person concerned was born in some hospital or nursing home then the doctor would have prepared a document comprising of his birth details which she would have given to his parents at the time of discharge of his mother along with him. If he or his parents are still keeping that document safe with them then you can email us its soft copy.)

19. Where the person concerned was exactly born? It means either in some hospital or some Nursing home? Or either in his/her parent's or some relative's house?... or somewhere else?

(Note: - If you are not very sure regarding his/her time of birth then we would appreciate it if you could reconfirm it from his/her elders or if you could reconfirm it by contacting that hospital or nursing home in which he/she was born by requesting the authorities to check their records (for which you can offer them to pay some money in lieu of their efforts).

20. If he was born at night at his parent's or some of his relative's home then was the power supply (electricity) available at the time of his birth in the area of his birth? Kindly inquire it from his elders. If the answer is 'No' then what was the source of light in the room at night?

(Note: - We are inquiring it from you because if the power supply was not there and source of light was some candle or a kerosene lantern then the visibility would be very poor and you can understand it that the time of birth can not be recorded properly in poor visibility from the clock or watch having no backlight.)

21. What would be the source of time from which his/her time of birth was recorded? Was it some mechanical clock or mechanical watch?... or some electronic or digital one?... or some other source?

(Note: - As per our observation time of birth of many people (who were born few decades aback in some rural area of Indian subcontinent) was not recorded from some clock or watch but was estimated by some train which was passing by from adjoining area or siren of some factory or some news bulletin on radio or voice of some Muslim man (coming out of loud speaker) who was offering 'Namaaz' in some mosque at some specified time.)

22. Which people recorded his/her birth details? Some Doctor or nurse or his/her father or mother or some other relative or somebody else? (Note: - We don't require name of that person)