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Is Astrology Scientific?
Is Astrology Real?

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Is Astrology Scientific?

Is Astrology Scientific & Real?

Astrology can be broadly divided into two parts: - Calculation part & Predictive part. Calculation Part of Indian Vedic Astrology is absolutely Science as it is based upon Astronomical Calculations & before discussing whether Predictive Part of Indian Vedic Astrology is Science let us discuss first whether Medicine is Science or not. Some people call Medicine as Medical Science with out thinking whether it fulfills the parameters of Science or not.

Is Modern Medicine a Science?

Medicine is broadly divided into following parts: -

(i) Anatomy
In which the structure of various body organs like heart, brain, kidneys, liver, lungs, pancreas etc. is discussed.

(ii) Physiology
In which the functioning of various organs is discussed.

(iii) Pathology
In which various diseases are studied.

(iv) Practice of Medicine
In which it is discussed how various diseases would be cured.

(v) Preventive Medicine
In which some ways are discussed to take measures in advance to prevent the onset of diseases like polio, typhoid, tetanus, measles.

(vi) Social Medicine
The study of the social, economic, environmental, cultural, psychological & genetic factors.

(vii) Surgery
In which affected organs in the body are removed, replaced or brought into right condition by operative procedures.

(viii) Forensic Medicine
It deals with the application of medical knowledge to aid in the administration of justice or it deals with the medical aspects of law for example in the cases of injuries, hanging, sexual offences, infant deaths & poisoning etc.

(ix) Medical Jurisprudence
It deals with the legal responsibilities of the physician with particular reference to those arising from the physician-patient relationship, such as medical negligence cases, consent rights and duties of doctors, serious professional misconduct, medical ethics etc. In short it deals with the legal aspects of medicine.

Practice of Medicine does not fulfills the parameters of Science

In all of the above mentioned parts Practice of Medicine does not fulfills the parameters of Science because no doctor can give written guarantee or money back guarantee that he can treat any of his patients with a specific illness. Also if a patient with some specific illness goes to different doctors for consultation then generally views of different doctors is different as well as their treatments are also different even if all the doctors are practicing same system of Medicine either: - Allopathy, Ayurveda, Homoeopathy, Unani or Sidhdha. Sometimes when a patient goes to a physician to get cured some specific illness then it has been observed that nothing comes out of the medical tests conducted on the patient or nothing comes out of the diagnosis of the patient with latest machines, whereas the patient is crying in pain due to his illness.

If hundred patients visit some particular doctor then that doctor can not treat all of his patients. Different patients have different views regarding some particular doctor based upon their experiences. Also a doctor can himself fall ill due to some particular disease. A heart surgeon can himself become a heart patient & may not necessarily treat himself. Also some times a patient dies due to the sheer negligence of a doctor. But it doesn't mean that the doctor will stop practicing medicine.

Similarly if we take into consideration the field of Law then any Lawyer can not necessarily win all of the cases he fights or if he fights a case for himself than he may not necessarily win. But it doesn't mean that the Lawyer will stop practicing.

People involved in same sort of profession have different success rates. Like some physician may be more successful some other physician may be less successful. Similarly some advocate may be winning 8 out of 10 cases he fights but some other may be winning only 5 out of 10 cases. Similarly any teacher who is teaching a class of 50 students can not guarantee that each & every student of his/her will be able to secure more than 80% marks in some examination. some students may secure more than 90% marks but some other may fail to secure more than 35% marks.

Sachin Tendulkar is a great batsman in the sport of cricket but he can not guarantee that he will make more than 100 runs in each and every match he plays. In some matches he is declared to be out at zero runs. But it never means that he'll stop playing cricket. Similarly Amitabh Bachchan is a great film star in Indian film industry but many times the films in which he has acted goes flop. But it never means that he'll stop acting in movies.

It only means that in each and every profession of the world there is a different success rate of different individuals. Nobody can give 100% success rate. Same is the case with the profession of Astrology. Some astrologer may be more successful but some other astrologer may be less successful.

Predictive Indian Vedic Astrology

The Predictive Indian Vedic Astrology is based upon some logics given by the sage Parashara. It is not a Science but there lies some strength or truth in it due to which it is still present in this world. The success of an Indian Vedic Astrologer depends upon how much correct he can tell about an unknown person or his life or how many of his clients get satisfied by his predictions. No Astrologer is 100% correct. Renowned Astrologer Bejan Daruwalla (or Bejan Daruvalla) has also admitted it many times. Many times the prediction of a Jyotishi on some client goes wrong because the client do not provide correct birth details. Many clients give estimated birth details & moreover with a lot of confidence. Some clients do not want to bother to enquire their correct birth details from their elders as they do not realize the importance of correct birth details in Jyotisha.

An Indian Vedic Astrologer can himself suffer in life due to his own bad luck or a bad phase of time.

The job of an Indian Vedic Astrologer is not to bluff his clients by claiming that he can change their destiny by prescribing some so called remedies (like stones, mantras, tantras, yantras, yagna, havan, poojas, homams or daans) but only to tell something about their destiny & to alert them of some coming good or bad phase of time in their lives so that his clients can prepare themselves in advance (if situation seems to be avoidable or if its bad effect can be minimized) according to the practical ways as suggested by the Indian Vedic Astrologer. Though altering one's destiny is not that easy & it can not be done with out the bounty of God.

If there was so strength in the so called remdies of the so called astrologers then BJP minister Shri Lal Krishna Advani would have become the Prime Minister of India & Atal Bihari Bajpai wouldn't have spent all his life as a bachelor. Manmohan Singh never wanted to become the Prime Minister of India but he became the Prime Minister of India consecutively for the second time without consulting any astrologer for remedies. Remedies couldn't save film star Sunjay Dutt to suffer in his life from various problems like: - he lost his mother at an early age & then suffered from various health issues due to drug addiction, his earlier two marriages were unsuccessful because one of his ex-wife died & from other he got divorced. Then he also spent a lot of time in jail & had to face trials in court.

So if astrologers couldn't save these prominent figures then how can any astrologer claim to alter the destiny of ordinary people by costly remedies?

Is it essential to prove Astrology a Science?

Absolutely not! If scientists are unable to prove the existence of God then it never mean that people will stop visiting temples, mosques, gurudwaras, churches or other places of worship of God. Everything in this universe can't be perceived by our five senses and can't be understood by our mind. We can't understand the exact working of Astrology. Its just like nobody knows how Homoeopathic System of Medicine work but it is found to be very effective in many cases.