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Karan in Panchaang

Karan in Panchaang

Karan in Panchang

Karan (Part of Panchaang): -

Karan in Panchaang is based upon tithi and it is half of a tithi and this way, technically, a karan is said to be completed when the phase difference between the positions of Sun & Moon becomes integral multiple of six.

There are 11 karans out of whom the first seven karans are called as 'Char' (or variable) karans & the last four are called as 'Sthir' (or constant) karans. Last four are called as 'Sthir' because they always come on second half of Krishna Paksha Chaturdashi, first half of Aamavasya, second half of Aamavasya & first half of Shukla Paksh Pratipada.