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Limitations of Science and Technology

Limitations of Science and Technology

Before discussing limitations of Science and Technology let us first discuss what good Science and Technology have done for us.

Science & Technology have made a lot of progress in past one century and they have done a lot for mankind. They have given us many machines to make our life comfortable & to make our work easier. These machines help us save time. They have given us aeroplanes, cars, bikes, trains, buses & other modes of transportation, road & rail networks, technology to construct better houses & buildings, washing machines, refrigerators, Air conditioners, generators & invertors, geysers, microwave ovens, computers, gas stoves, communication technology (phone, mobiles, internet, e-mail, fax etc.), various modes of entertainment like satellite TV, DVD players & music systems etc. and many more. It has given remedies to many diseases in the form of Medicine.

But are we happy & contended in our lives? In spite of so much advancement in Science & Technology any person in this world can not claim that he has become very happy and contended in life & there is not present any problem, worry or tension in his life.

Problems in personal life: -

There are many problems in life like disputes or conflicts in family life, social life & business or professional life, accidents, health related problems (in spite of advancement in medicine & surgery remedies for all health issues are still not available), tensions in professional life, worries of slump in global economy from time to time. Different people face different problems from time to time where Science & Technology can't help him/her completely.

Problems different from personal life: -

There are other problems different from those of personal life like every year there are earthquakes, droughts, famines, floods, hurricanes in different parts of the world in which many people lose their lives, many get injured & many become homeless. There are other problems like unemployment, inflation, rising pollution levels, global warming, outbreak of some epidemic or pandemics (like Covid-19 or Corona, Black fungus, White fungus, Yellow fungus), terrorism. Other problems are due to crimes like dacoity, theft, cheating, murders, extortion, kidnapping, rapes, blackmailing etc. There are conflicts among countries, communities & political parties. Any time a third world war can happen. Many times riots among people of different communities or religions take place. In such problems Science & Technology can't help us completely.

What negative Science & Technology have given us?

Science has also given us atom bombs, pistols, rifles, various explosives & weapons which are a threat to Humanity. Science has also given us the problem of various types of pollutions like: - noise pollution, air pollution, water pollution, pollution due to electromagnetic effects etc. Every year there are plane crashes, train & road accidents also. Due to so many new inventions in Science many gadgets & appliances have become a necessity in daily life which were earlier considered as luxuries. For the fulfillment of which many industries have come up which has led to reduction in agricultural land & has also given rise to various types of pollution, which is responsible for various health hazards. In spite of so much progress in Science & Technology people have not much time for each other. In spite of so many machines, fast moving vehicles, house hold appliances & gadgets to help people do their work faster & with little effort most people always look in hurry. They always have a lot of work to finish, to cope up with the pressure of modern world, to meet deadlines, to maintain their standards of living, to fulfill their needs, they have to earn more so that they can get all the benefits of advancement in Science & Technology or to acquire all the luxuries.


In short it can be concluded that Science & Technology have tried to make world happier & a better place to live and of course they have been successful up to a great extent, but not completely. As we know a coin has two sides, similarly negative side effects of this progress in Science & Technology can also be seen. A person's destiny has & will remain a great role to play in his life. Science & Technology will never be able to eradicate sorrows & sadness of the people completely from their lives.