Dr.A.S.Kalra Astrologer

Payment Options
(Outside India)

(1) PayPal: -

Clients residing in countries other than India can pay via PayPal. Paypal link for remitting payment will be made available (or has been made available) in that email which will be sent to you (or has been sent to you) for prompting you for remitting payment.

(2) Remitly: -

Clients residing in countries other than India can pay via Remitly: - https://www.remitly.com/us/en/india

(3) Xoom: -

Clients residing in countries other than India can pay via Xoom: - https://www.xoom.com

(4) Through an exchange in UAE

Clients residing in UAE (United Arab Emirates) can remit money through exchanges like UAE Exchange, Al Rostamani & Al Ansari etc.

(5) Internet Banking (NEFT / IMPS): -

By making an Online/Electronic transfer : - If you have a bank account in any of the leading Indian bank then you can make an online / electronic transfer (NEFT / IMPS) of the payment in any of the following savings bank account numbers mentioned below. To follow this procedure you will have to visit the official internet banking website of your bank in India, log in with your internet login id and password, add the astrologer's full name as beneficiary (by using the data given in the table below) & then complete the transfer using your transaction password & OTP received on your registred mobile number from bank's website.
Beneficiary Name: -
Ajit Singh Kalra

Savings Bank account no.:
(Available in the email
in which you are prompted
for remitting payment)
Bank Name: -

IFSC Code: -
ICIC 000 2459

Branch Address: -
S-47, Shivalik Nagar

MICR Code: -
249 229 003
Bank Name: -
State Bank of India (SBI)

IFSC Code: -
SBIN 000 7154

Branch Address: -
Sector-1, BHEL
Ranipur Haridwar-249403

MICR Code: - 277-002-004

(6) WUMT or MoneyGram (only for clients of Indian origin residing abroad): -

'Western Union Money Tranfer' or 'MoneyGram' (but this option should be used only after taking permission via email as due to Covid-19 lockdowns problem in collecting payments may arise): - Clients of Indian origin residing in countries other than India can remit payment via Western Union Money Transfer or MoneyGram in favour of Ajit Singh Kalra and after that they should intimate 10-digit MTCN (Money Transfer Control Number) or 8-digit Reference Number (depending upon whether the payment is made through Western Union Money Transfer or MoneyGram respectively). Official website of Western Union Money Transfer is www.westernunion.com & official website of MoneyGram is www.moneygram.com.

Details of the transaction to be provided: -

1. Amount credited/deposited/transferred

2. Date of transaction

3. If you have credited payment in Dr.Kalra's bank account then kindly intimate name of that bank (SBI / ICICI), in which Dr. Kalra is having an account, in which payment was credited.

4. Payment option used: - Mobile banking / UPI, Internet Banking {Electronic/online transfer (NEFT / IMPS}, cash / cheque remittance in bank (ICICI or SBI), PayPal, Remitly, Xoom, WUMT (Western Union Money Transfer), Moneygram or some exchange in UAE (like UAE Exchange / Al Rostamani / Al Ansari).

5. If your mode of payment is cheque or electronic/online transfer using internet banking (NEFT / IMPS) then kindly intimate the name of your bank and account holder's name. In case of cheque or NEFT kindly inquire from your bank how much time it'll take in the transfer of money and then also intimate about it.

6. In case of electronic/online transfer using internet banking (NEFT / IMPS) kindly furnish proof of transaction like screenshot of successful transaction or e-receipt by sending it as an attachment via email.

7. In case of electronic/online transfer using internet banking (NEFT / IMPS) if you can't furnish proof of transaction then at least intimate reference number of the transaction which you can view in your bank statement.

8. If you have deposited cash or cheque in your area in some branch of the bank (SBI or ICICI), in which Dr.Kalra is having an account, then kindly also mention its branch address in your area.

9. In case cheque is deposited, kindly also mention cheque number and the date on which the cheque is drawn.

10. If you have deposited cheque then you should keep track of your bank account statement and as soon as the processing of cheque is completed and the amount gets deducted from your account you should intimate about it & after that I will check my bank account statement & will intimate you regarding receipt of the payment.

11. If you have remitted payment from outside India through Western Union Money Transfer or Moneygram or through some exchange in UAE (United Arab Emiretus) (like UAE Exchange or Al Rostamani or Al Ansari) then please preserve the document of Transaction Receipt received by you from the agent which you should scan and email us its soft copy.