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Predictive Astrology or Phalit Jyotish


Predictive Astrology (Phalit Jyotish)

Phalit Jyotish or Predictive Astrology: -

In Predictive Astrology or Phalit Jyotish, by analysing the horoscope of the person concerned an Indian Vedic Astrologer tries to ascertain a person's life or luck from various point of views like education, job, career prospects, business, financial condition, property, marriage, married life, childbirth, foreign tour & health etc. Analysis from the point of view of married life & child birth, horoscope of the spouse is also required. Also past as well as present years of life are analyzed & than future is told. A good future-teller (or foreteller or soothsayer or astrologer or jyotishi) is a person who is also a good past-teller as well as a good present-teller.