Dr.A.S.Kalra Astrologer

Terms & Conditions
for obtaining Astrological Consultation
by meeting the astrologer personally

Terms & Conditions for obtaining Astrological Consultation by meeting the astrologer in person: -

(1) In order to gain comprehensive insights into love life, married life, family life, and childbirth, the horoscopes of both the husband and wife will need to be analyzed separately. As a result, the consultation fees will be doubled.

(2) During Astrological Consultation, efforts will be made to shed light on various aspects of life, such as education, employment (service or business), financial condition, marriage, married life, childbirth, foreign travel, property construction or purchase, acquisition of material assets, health, and other potential challenges like court cases. Past, present, and future events will also be analyzed.

(3) After submitting your inputs via email, please allow some time for a response. If you do not receive a reply within a certain number of days, kindly send a reminder email stating that you have already sent your inputs.

(4) Even after receiving your inputs, there is no guarantee that you will be granted an appointment (either by phone or in person), as it will be subject to Dr. A.S. Kalra's availability.

(5) The consultation fee must be paid in cash or through UPI or IMPS after receiving Astrological Consultation from Dr. A.S. Kalra.

(6) Please refrain from bringing more than one additional individual with you during the consultation. This means that a maximum of two people (including yourself) can meet with Dr. Kalra at a time. Additional individuals will be considered a crowd and will not be permitted to enter.

(7) The fee for Astrological Consultation can be found on the Consultation Fees (In Person) page. Please note that this fee may be subject to future increases without prior notice. However, if you have already booked an appointment, the fee charged at the time of booking will apply.

(8) The fee for a quick glance at a pre-existing horoscope (whether manual or computerized) will remain the same as mentioned above. Similarly, the fee for obtaining Astrological Guidance by verbally describing a person's horoscope will also remain unchanged.

(9) Analyzing the horoscope of one person alone will not provide information about the lives of their family members (parents, siblings, spouse, children), relatives, friends, or neighbors. Separate analysis of their horoscopes will be required, and separate fees will be charged accordingly.

(10) While providing Astrological Services, it is important to note that it is not feasible to describe every single year in great detail in the name of predicting the future. Instead, the focus will be on highlighting major events and providing an overview of the coming years. When analyzing a child's horoscope, important matters such as education, career, marriage, and married life will be forecasted.

(11) When asking only one or two questions, please refrain from bargaining. The questions you ask an astrologer are related to crucial aspects of life that hold great value for you. There is a significant difference between selling vegetables in a market and providing astrological advice to a client.

(12) It has been observed that some clients, in an attempt to pay less or avoid fees altogether, falsely claim dissatisfaction with the consultation they received. Therefore, client satisfaction will not be deemed essential under any circumstances. Note: If you visit a doctor for a specific illness and do not find relief even after multiple visits, you would not expect a refund of the fees paid.

(13) Determining the appropriate fee for providing astrological help, as well as any potential future fee increases, is solely the decision of the astrologer. The permission or advice of clients is not considered essential in this regard.

(14) Having prior knowledge of horoscope reading or astrology does not entitle the client to a rebate or concession in the fee.

(15) A genuine astrologer can only attempt to predict a person's destiny and provide advice based on it. Only a charlatan would claim to alter a client's destiny through so-called remedies. An astrologer, like any individual, experiences the ups and downs of life dictated by their own destiny. Similarly, a physician treating numerous patients can fall ill due to a specific illness and may not be able to heal themselves.

(16) It is expected that an astrologer accurately analyzes the horoscope of the person in question. However, it has been observed that most clients provide incorrect birth details and are unable to provide substantial evidence for the accuracy of those details. They fail to thoroughly inquire about the person's birth details from their parents, elders, or guardians and underestimate the importance of accurate information. As a result, the analysis and subsequent predictions about the individual often go astray. A previously prepared horoscope does not serve as evidence of the birth details' correctness, as the information entered may also be incorrect if the astrologer who prepared the horoscope did not thoroughly inquire about the birth details.

(17) Being retired, unemployed, or experiencing financial difficulties does not justify expecting free services or discounts from an astrologer. Using the same logic, one cannot acquire essential items such as groceries, fruits, vegetables, clothing, medical or legal services, or any necessary items free of charge or at a reduced price from the market. The questions you ask an astrologer hold immense value for you. There is a substantial distinction between purchasing goods from the market and seeking astrological guidance from an astrologer.

(18) An astrologer is neither a deity nor a spiritual leader. They are not saints or prophets. They are ordinary human beings, just like you.

(19) Dr. A.S. Kalra has been engaged in the full-time profession of horoscope reading for many years.

(20) While providing astrological guidance, an estimation of the timing of various events will be disclosed. However, it is not possible to provide exact timing (date or month) of these events.