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Love Marriage vs Arrange Marriage

Love Marriage vs Arrange Marriage

Arrange Marriage vs Love Marriage

Love Marriage or Arranged Marriage: -

According to Dr.A.S.Kalra: - The marriage (love marriage or arrange marriage) which goes successful in the end will be treated as good. So the question whether love marriage is better or the arrange marriage is not that important. Success of the marriage is more important but interestingly divorce rate in love marriage is higher as compared to that in arrange marriage. Interestingly in western countries where live-in relationships are more in vogue almost all marriages are love marriages or love cum arrange marriages and there is nothing like purely arrange marriages in those countries but interestingly the divorce rate is also quite high in those countries whereas in countries of Indian subcontinent divorce rate is quite less as compared to that in western countries.

Some youngsters feel that love marriage is better because according to them in a love marriage they can judge a person before getting married. But according to Dr.A.S.Kalra a man & a woman fallen in love can't judge each other properly unless & until marriage takes place & they start living together under one roof. Which means real judgment of each other's nature, behavior & other characteristics would take place only after marriage when both start living together under one roof & start dealing with various day to day problems of life or start taking various sorts of responsibilities that come along with marriage.

Moreover people who never got married can not know the actual meaning of marriage unless and until they get married and spend some time in married life. Many youngsters have a misconception that marriage is meant only for romance and sex. Before marriage both of them try to be good in front of each other or keep on trying to impress each other because they have fear that they will lose each other but some time after their marriage they don't worry that much for each other because now they don't have that much fear that they will lose each other. In most of the cases marriage proves to be THE END of a love story & it's not the beginning of any love story.

Majority of youngsters want to have a love marriage because they find some excitement in trying to do it and they consider it as a form of achievement of their lives. Some want to have a love marriage so that after their marriage they can boast in society that their marriage was a love marriage. Surprisingly many such couples start fighting with each other after their marriage but pretend themselves as happy couples in society or on Facebook!!!