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Mercury in Indian Astrology

Budh or Mercury

In Indian Vedic astrology, Mercury, known as "Budha" in Sanskrit, is a planet of great significance. It represents intellect, communication, logic, adaptability, learning, and the power of expression. Mercury is associated with the qualities of intelligence, wit, curiosity, and agility of the mind. Mercury is considered a neutral planet and can take on the qualities of the planets it is associated with or influenced by. It rules over the zodiac signs Gemini and Virgo. It is known for its quick thinking, analytical abilities, and versatility. Mercury governs various aspects of life, including communication skills, analytical thinking, learning abilities, reasoning, writing, speaking, business transactions, and negotiation. It is associated with professions related to writing, teaching, journalism, public speaking, commerce, and any field that requires effective communication. The position of Mercury in an individual's birth chart, known as the Mercury sign, provides insights into their communication style, intellectual abilities, learning patterns, and adaptability. It also indicates how they process information, express themselves, and engage in intellectual pursuits. Mercury is known for its duality, symbolizing both the positive and negative aspects of the mind. Its influence can manifest positively as sharp intellect, effective communication, and adaptability to different situations. However, it can also manifest negatively as restlessness, indecisiveness, overthinking, and miscommunication. In Vedic astrology, Mercury is believed to be influenced by other planets and can take on their qualities. Its relationship with other planets in the birth chart can impact an individual's communication style and intellectual pursuits. Worship and propitiation of Mercury, such as chanting Mercury mantras and performing rituals on Wednesdays (the day associated with Mercury), are believed to help enhance its positive influences. Wearing a gemstone called a "Mercury stone" or "Budha Ratna" is also considered beneficial for strengthening Mercury-related influences. It's important to note that the interpretation and impact of Mercury in an individual's life can vary depending on its placement in the birth chart and its interactions with other planets. Consulting with a knowledgeable Vedic astrologer can provide a more personalized and comprehensive understanding of Mercury's influence in an individual's horoscope.

9/Nine Planets or Grahas
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